Many professional service firms rely on QuickBooks as their accounting and invoicing software. QuickBooks is a great bookkeeping app, but if your account management team needs to track time, manage projects and do invoicing, then providing them with direct access to QuickBooks isn’t practical.

In a professional services firm, invoicing is an integral part of customer service. Account managers often need to produce estimates based on internal human resources. Tracking employee time on customer projects needs to roll up into invoicing every month. Many firms use multiple apps to manage these processes and then manually re-enter data into QuickBooks to generate invoices. Once the invoices are sent, customers use QuickBooks payments, credit cards or ACH services through online payment processors or banks. Managing all of these disparate apps and processes adds up to administrative costs for accounting or bookkeepers to manage. Meanwhile, the account service team doesn’t have insights into invoicing and must bother the accounting team to check up on payment status to respond to client inquiries.

Integrating third-party apps to QuickBooks saves accounting staff time, improves transparency for account teams and improves the customer experience by providing self-service portals to pay bills and obtain project updates.

A better solution is to use invoicing software that integrates with QuickBooks, CRM software and other customer-facing applications. BigTime is a company based in Chicago with over 2,000 users and manages billions of dollars in client invoicing and payments. BigTime is one of the best invoicing apps that work with QuickBooks and helps professional service teams manage their client workloads, invoicing and online payments without missing a beat. BigTime is a SaaS product that works with both QuickBooks’ Online and Desktop versions. It also integrates with other QuickBooks apps.

Apps That Integrate With QuickBooks Desktop

BigTime is an invoicing solution with QuickBooks integration with desktop and online versions. You can find BigTime on the QuickBooks Marketplace for Desktop applications. The integrated platform provides several features sure to make professional services firms happy. In addition to easy-to-use invoicing, time tracking and project management software, the QuickBooks Desktop app includes analytics and reporting dashboards, expense tracking and DCAA time tracking complying with government billing requirements.

BigTime is one of the best invoicing apps that integrate with QuickBooks Desktop. For custom requirements, developers can connect BigTime via the QuickBooks integration API.

If your professional services firm works with government agencies, you know how important it is to have a timesheet configured to meet Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) requirements. DCAA says employers must document workers and the amount of time they work on contract work. You must also record employee overtime, employment training, and expenses. Everything must be saved in the software, and an audit trail must be available for the audit agency to review if required.

The MarketPlace includes other QuickBooks add-ons to improve productivity and connect the accounting application with other technology. Some of these integrations include connections to CRM software. There are connections with eCommerce tools for businesses to sell products online. The marketplace also features other apps for back-office applications for manufacturing, inventory management, shipping, logistics and point-of-sale solutions.

Integrating applications provides value for your business by saving time and eliminating mistakes by removing the need to manually input data and avoiding the need to batch import or add data multiple times. Mission-critical applications like CRM and accounting require two-way synchronization to keep client information up-to-date. Other applications, like printing shipping labels, only require one-way synchronization since once the shipping label is printed, there is no need to update the record.

Invoicing App for QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks desktop automation helps professional service firms improve their cash flow and reduce administrative costs by simplifying invoicing and billing with integrating software solutions for specific industries.

Send Invoices Faster for Engineering Firms

Some of the best apps for QuickBooks Desktop streamline the invoicing process for engineering firms. Technical consulting often requires many consultants working in remote locations. Some of the challenges accountants face are coordinating expense reports from different time zones, invoicing in other currencies, and tracking expenses to consultants and specific projects. Project management apps allow managers to track consulting progress with Gantt charts and progress reports.

The QuickBooks Desktop mobile app allows consultants to enter time from their cell phones while on the job and update timesheets while traveling between projects. Real-time reporting keeps project managers updated on construction progress.

Simplify Invoicing for Architects

Designing the next Empire State Building is an enormous task that requires managing large numbers of contractors and suppliers. The BigTime invoicing app for QuickBooks Desktop simplifies the invoicing process, allowing your firm to get paid faster and reduce the time it takes to process invoices and record payments. Project managers in the field can also review invoices and project timetables using the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app.

Improved Workflow Management for Accounting Firms

The BigTime QuickBooks Online App helps accounting firms improve their internal workflow management. Innovative employee management systems track time and help match the right employees to the best jobs. The project management tools keep employees on track, and the analytical tools make it easy to provide updates to clients.

IT Consultants Can Track Results in Real Time

IT consulting agencies send their engineers to their client sites and must provide real-time updates on computer repair and update issues. It is difficult to use a laptop in these situations, so IT consultants can now use the BigTime QuickBooks Desktop Mobile App to track their billable time and expenses while providing real-time statistics for their managers and the client.

Allows Marketing Agencies to Assign the Right Employees to the Right Job

Many advertising and marketing agencies rely on employees dispersed around the world. However, trying to assign these employees to the right job is often a time-consuming process. The BigTime QuickBooks Desktop integration allows project managers to use the employee management tools and billing apps to synchronize with QuickBooks, allowing them to provide accurate time cards and invoices for remote employees.

Best Accounts Payable App for QuickBooks

Many business owners struggle to find inexpensive and easy-to-use online accounts payable software compatible with QuickBooks. There are many tools on the market, but many charge high transaction fees or do not offer a seamless customer experience to process invoices. BigTime Wallet is the best accounts payable app for QuickBooks from an ease-of-use and integration standpoint. You can automate accounts payable and client invoicing processes and integrate the app with other accounts payable software. The online app eliminates the need to switch accounts payable software.

BigTime Wallet is easy to set up, and you can create accounts payable workflow in QuickBooks Online to automate the payment and accounting process. There is no monthly commitment or contract, and you can turn it on or off at any time. The best news is that the rate to transfer money is several percentage points lower than alternative online payment options.

QuickBooks Invoicing

Professional service firm owners can use BigTime to automate QuickBooks data entry eliminating unnecessary manual data entry mistakes and saving time and money by tracking billable hours. The invoicing software integrates with either QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online accounting software, and you can create a custom QuickBooks invoice template to streamline the customer billing process.

The BigTime to QuickBooks invoicing process is easy to set up with their online integration guide, which includes a QuickBooks invoice example and other samples of tools you can use to speed up installation.

The BigTime invoicing solution is a robust system and offers more custom options than the standard QuickBooks invoicing tools.

Automating the invoicing process is easy with the BigTime two-way integration. You can automate the QuickBooks data entry process so that customer and product data flow back and forth quickly and accurately. You don’t have to worry about inaccurate information being entered into your accounting system.

QuickBooks Online

Online accounting applications are good options for small professional services firms or businesses with remote workforces. Thousands of accounting firms use the QuickBooks Online accountant version to provide services for their clients. These firms can use BigTime invoicing software to track billable hours, invoice for services and collect payments via the online BigTime Wallet app.

The QuickBooks Online app store is where you can download and install the BigTime app. It takes only a few minutes to connect the two apps, and you can easily synchronize your billing, employee time cards, payments and project management features with the QuickBooks accounting system. QuickBooks Online pricing is available on a simple, monthly subscription plan that includes all new versions, upgrades and support. With the QuickBooks online app, there is no need to purchase a lifetime license. Instead, you pay as you go or save money with a 12-month subscription. BigTime invoicing works with all QuickBooks Online app levels and integrates customer and invoicing data between the invoicing and accounting systems.

BigTime Invoicing App for QuickBooks Desktop and Online

There are not a lot of accounting apps that provide a lot of additional value to the QuickBooks Accounting application, but BigTime is one of them. It offers excellent value for growing professional service firms who need to track employee time, manage projects and invoice their clients with a customizable, robust application. BigTime integrates with both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online and even has an affordable and easy-to-use online payments tool for invoicing clients and paying vendors through the accounts payable function. You can download and install BigTime in just a few minutes and even integrate it with other accounting, CRM and ERP systems.

Invoicing Software that Integrates with QuickBooks for your Firm

Whether you run a small or a large business, invoicing is one of the most important aspects of managing finances. There is plenty of software available for creating and sending out invoices for small businesses, but unfortunately, it can be challenging to find one that offers all the capabilities that a business owner will need. It’s important that businesses create invoices in order to make sure they maintain a legally documented agreement form between them and the client. Invoices make sure that owners get paid for the services they offer, and it helps maintain an ongoing list of expenses for those paying for the services.

In order to track sales and finances, invoices are a pivotal aspect of making sure those records are maintained and updated regularly. They help determine how much time tasks take to complete and how long it takes to get payment from a client, which is key for managing the flow of cash to your business.

Invoice software integrated with QuickBooks, CRM software and other customer-facing applications is a better option. Invoicing and payments for our Chicago-based company are managed by over 2,000 users and account for billions of dollars. With BigTime, professional service teams can manage their work, invoices, and online payments at the click of a button. QuickBooks’ Online and Desktop versions are both compatible with BigTime. QuickBooks’ other apps also integrate with it.

With our invoice software that integrates QuickBooks at BigTime, you can not only generate invoices for your clients, but you can also track your materials and time along with any other reports needed to keep your business running in one easy-to-use software solution for online billing.

Our software syncs up with QuickBooks desktop integration and online to support any accounting needs with the benefits of other necessities like scheduling and tracking time without having to enter in data multiple times. Rather than seeking out third-party apps, BigTime’s integration with QuickBooks allows for a one-stop-shop.

All of your information is collected in a cloud-based location for clients, and it’s helpful for allowing managers to track billing for completed work. When you utilize BigTime and QuickBooks apps integration, you’ll find that you only need to enter your project information one time. The integration process will take care of everything else. You can post expenses and timesheets to QuickBooks as well as import previous data in a way that’s easy to implement moving forward. What’s more, your current settings will be adapted through our software to make for an online environment that is entirely free of any human errors — which usually is inevitable. Active clients can be synced seamlessly, and expense codes that are specific to your company can be easily transferred through QuickBooks integration.

Invoicing Software That Integrates With QuickBooks Desktop

Our time tracking and invoicing software that integrates with QuickBooks desktops is popular for professionals in a wide variety of professions, such as architects, consultants, engineers, IT professionals, and accountants. This solution was created in order to help our clients get paid even faster by making it much easier to see when and how much money needs to be billed appropriately. It allows our users to leverage their typical models for billing and even allows for complete customization based on your specific projects instead of seeking out other apps that integrate with QuickBooks desktop.

So, how to integrate with QuickBooks online? You can bill your clients in a way that works best for you, whether you set a fixed fee or if you have a more mixed billing approach that includes time spent on a project and the cost of materials used. Ultimately, you can use budgeting software that integrates with QuickBooks desktop that solves all of your needs.

Users can also do the following:

  • Take clients’ needs and create invoices based on those, complete with your company’s branding, address, and colors
  • Have the option to display the status of the budget, create expense receipts, enter notes for timecards, including tax rates and any information regarding remittance
  • Integration with Sage Intacct and QuickBooks to help enhance pre-existing workflows
  • Get rid of any multiple data entries across all your systems
  • Have your accounting system posted automatically along with the configuration of billing method preferences
  • Look into your work in progress with expenses and any unbilled time in advance
  • Manage your WIP to improve upon your cash flow proactively
  • Have a look at what you can potentially invoice each month
  • Use the data range to select any WIP you want to view

QuickBooks Mobile Invoicing

Some have asked, does QuickBooks mobile app sync with desktop? Of course!

Because we are an Inuit-integrated Application, BigTime has the ability to sync up seamlessly regardless of whether you’re using QuickBooks Online or Desktop. You’ll be up and running in just a matter of minutes with the help of no reconfiguration or re-entry with QuickBooks mobile invoicing! There are various ways that clients can benefit from mobile invoicing with BigTime.

Improved Workflow Management

With the BigTime QuickBooks Online App, accounting firms can manage their internal workflow more efficiently. Innovations in employee management can match the right employee to the right job. Analytical tools and project management tools make it easy for clients to stay on top of their projects. Even the work carried out by architects and engineers can be simplified and sent out faster; this will allow you to spend less time on invoices and more time on the work you are being paid to do.

QuickBooks Invoicing and Payments

BigTime allows owners of professional service companies to automate QuickBooks data entry, eliminating unnecessary errors and saving time and money by tracking billable hours. Owners of professional service firms can use BigTime to automate QuickBooks data entry — eliminating errors caused by manual data entry — and the QuickBooks invoice template to streamline the customer billing process.

You can easily set up BigTime to QuickBooks invoicing with their online integration guide, which includes a QuickBooks invoice example and other tools you can use to speed up the process.

With their online integration guide, which includes a QuickBooks invoice example and other samples of tools you can use to speed up installation, you can set up the BigTime to QuickBooks invoicing process quickly.

QuickBooks Compatible Software

In our years of experience, we have found that there are a lot of business owners out there who have a hard time finding easy-to-use and affordable accounts payable software that works with QuickBooks billing software. We’ve found that while there are a lot of options on the market to use, they often will charge astronomical transaction fees or don’t offer a positive customer experience when it comes to processing invoices. Our QuickBooks compatible software with BigTime Wallet is the best accounts payable app for QuickBooks API from an integration and ease-of-use point of view. You have the ability to process client invoices and make automatic payments with ease, and it eliminates the need to go back and forth between different software.

You can automate the payment and accounting process using BigTime Wallet and QuickBooks Online. There is no contract or monthly commitment, and the service can be turned on or off at any time. In addition, the transfer rate is several percentage points lower than other online payment methods.

Professional services firms will appreciate the features we offer on our integrated platform. With QuickBooks Desktop, you get easy-to-use invoicing, time tracking, and project management software, as well as analytics and reporting dashboards, expense tracking and DCAA time tracking that conforms to government billing requirements.

BigTime’s QuickBooks integration API is available to developers for custom requests.

When your professional services firm works with government agencies, you know how essential it is to have a timesheet that meets the requirements of the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). According to the DCAA, employers must keep records of employee time spent on contract work. Additionally, employers must keep records of employee overtime and employment training expenses. The software must save all information, and the audit agency should be able to review the audit trail if needed.

QuickBooks Invoice Integration

Want to know how to use the QuickBooks free time app or other features of this powerful platform? The team at BigTime understands the challenges associated with streamlining business processes for invoicing and time tracking. The use of BigTime removes the guesswork from utilization, capacity planning, and profitability. In addition to time and expense tracking, invoicing, and reporting, our award-winning PSA software includes excellent analytics and reporting. With our help, accountants, architects, engineers, IT-services companies, and scientific and management consultants can track, budget, and bill their most valuable asset: time.

Our goal is to help clients maintain their services in the most efficient way possible. Any business that wishes to remain organized will benefit from our QuickBooks desktop integration API and QuickBooks online integration API. These tools allow small businesses to get the most out of QuickBooks online app features as well as third-party apps for QuickBooks. Feel free to contact us or request a demo to take BigTime for a test drive.