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Audit-Ready and Worry-Free DCAA Compliance for Government Contractors

We are loving being able to invoice our complex government task-based projects directly from our employees timesheets stored in BigTime!
Sarah S.

Compliance Throughout the Engagement Lifecycle

BigTime gives you everything you need to set up a DCAA-compliant audit log process. Create a smart audit trail for time, expense and budget tracking, ensuring each step of the way that you follow regulations.

DCAA-Regulated Timesheets

Never stress about staffers’ time entry, with built-in timesheet restrictions to prevent any crucial errors. BigTime’s pre-built compliance package lets you include required notes fields for all time entries, lets you lock time entries for the future, and lets you control edits of past timesheets, and more.

GovCon Accounting: Setting up a DCAA Compliant System and Budget

Built-In Review and Approvals

Set up automated notifications for reviews and approvals, letting you decide whether timesheets should be reviewed by staffer or project. From there, assign approval rights to your managers, who can review and approve entries with the required electronic signature.

Custom Reports for Government Contracting

Take advantage of the rich database of information in your audit log. Create a variety of comprehensive time and labor reports, including the critical Certified Timesheet report. 

Choose from more than a dozen different reporting formats, each of which provides a week-at-a-glance view of core timesheet data, adjustments, user comments, and electronic approvals.

Versatile Audit Trails

While being DCAA compliant requires logs of every change made to a timesheet, BigTime allows you to tailor audit-log rules to fit your accounting needs.

The entire log is also incorporated into the Report Center, so you can add audit-log data to existing staff and project reports.

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