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Why project teams choose BigTime

Anticipate client needs and keep track of project progress and team performance with centralized, actionable data.

View a summary of projects by status

Stay on time, every time

Manage your workflows and map out your projects with the ability to see real-time task completion against schedules.

  • More accurately estimate and plan project deliverables and timelines
  • Empower project managers with a clear path to success and a quick view of potential roadblocks
  • Automate review and approvals for timesheet, expense reports, and invoices

Keep a constant pulse on project health

Visualize project-level data with a dedicated space that shows your key data as easy-to-read charts.

  • Build diagrams and charts for billing realization to date, budget status, and more
  • Clearly see your overdue tasks, unsubmitted/unapproved hours, current profit margin, and a project health stoplight
Tracking project status and billing utilization to date

Build budgets into planning

Better understand project budgets and make informed adjustments.

  • Set up tasks for each project and assign hourly, fee, and expense budgets
  • Compare projected budgets vs. actual hours to improve forecast accuracy
  • Keep track of project budgets, POs, or Not To Exceed amounts

Plan out your people and resources

Bring staff allocation and budget data into one, manipulable view to inform planning decisions, large and small.

  • No need to run multiple reports with built-in toggles and filters using the planning board
  • View a color-coded visual of your firm-wide resource allocation data to improve utilization
  • Easily hone in on the areas of your business that might need extra attention

It’s time to ditch the spreadsheets

"If you are having trouble coordinating a group of employees and making sure they are staying on track and budget, this would be a useful program. The increase in efficiencies from management and budget tracking could alone pay for this program."
Travis M.

Keep the tools you love

Our integrations make it possible for your systems to talk to each other fluidly. 

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