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Why BigTime is a great choice for your firm

Reed Draper - BigTime Stories

Reed Draper

VP, Draper and Associates

BigTime customers see a 52% average increase in productivity.

“We were taking 60 days from the end of a period to get time and expenses in, approved, and the invoices out. Now, [with BigTime] we’re down to about 20 days.”

We help solve the problems that get in the way of doing what you do best

Tracking project status and billing utilization to date

Prevent projects from going over budget and over hours with status reports in real-time to improve profitability.

Centralized view of all project and financial data

Integrate data from across existing systems, providing a complete picture of project time, expenses, and resources.

Assign staff to a project staff based on skillset

Ensure the most cost-effective employees and skill sets are assigned to a project while preventing over/underutilization.

Choose from templated or custom-built reports

Make moves with measurable data and reports around budgets, project status, utilization rates, and more.

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BigTime integrates with your favorite software

Connect BigTime with your current tech stack to work smarter in QuickBooks, Sage Intacct, Salesforce, Slack, Zapier, Lacerte, Jira, and more.

Kyle MacDonald - BigTime
“Now with BigTime, typically in a month, [the finance team] has a week and a half to dedicate to other things besides billing because that process, which used to be a five to seven business day process, can now be squeezed down into three to five business days.”
Kyle MacDonald - BigTime
Kyle MacDonald

The metrics that matter

Learn how to quantify and improve the KPIs that drive a professional services organization's growth.