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BigTime’s platform helps firms get paid faster by making it easy to see what needs to be billed and when.

BigTime Billing and Invoicing Software

Send invoices faster than ever.

BigTime allows you to leverage standard billing models, with the option to customize your projects’ invoices.

  • Bill the way you want, from fixed fee and time & materials to custom or ‘mixed’ billing
  • Configure invoices based on client needs and brand with your logo, address, company colors, and more
  • Display budget status, expenses receipts, time entry notes, tax rates, and remittance information

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Send invoices faster than ever.
 Connect your accounting software.

Connect your accounting software.

BigTime integrates with QuickBooks and Sage Intacct to enhance your existing AR workflows.

  • Eliminate double data entry across systems
  • Configure your preferred billing method and post to your accounting system automatically

Forecast income with confidence.

BigTime gives you a live look at your work-in-progress (WIP) with unbilled time and expenses.

  • Proactively manage WIP to improve cash flow
  • See what you can potentially invoice every month
  • Select the WIP you want to bill by date range
Forecast income with confidence.

See how easy your billing and invoicing process can be

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“After completing research on a timesheet system that would integrate with our QuickBooks desktop, I finally found BigTime. The firm did not want to leave QuickBooks and the other options were not as flexible as BigTime.”

Marie G.

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What are the benefits of billing and invoicing software?

Billing and invoicing software allows your company to generate professional invoices for clients. Additional features include:

  • Invoice templates to speed up the creation process
  • Customized invoices based on bill rates and client needs
  • Collect online payments through ACH or credit card
  • Review and approval process to eliminate errors
  • Automate the collection of project time and expenses into an invoice
  • Integrate with your accounting solution to enhance AR workflows
  • Automatic payment reminders through a client portal
  • Ability to forecast income with business intelligence

  • Is invoicing software secure?

    Yes, invoicing software is secure if set up properly to protect your firm’s data. When selecting a billing software, ask about the following:

  • PCI DSS compliance
  • Level 1 PCI compliance
  • End-to-end encryption and tokenization
  • Fraud prevention
  • GDPR compliance

  • What is the difference between invoicing and billing?

    Technically there is no difference between invoicing and billing. Invoices and bills are both used to share the amount a customer owes a business for a good or service. Typically the language changes based on who is referring to the document. Businesses generate an invoice, and customers receive it as a bill to be paid.

    What is billing and invoicing software?

    Billing and invoicing software generates invoices for the services and products provided by a company to a customer. Streamlining the billing process, invoicing solutions speed up the time it takes to get paid and provide real-time insights into your business's financial health.

    What are the billing types?

    There are 5 common billing types including: Manual, Time & Materials (T&M), Fixed Fee, Item Based Billing, and Project Monthly Fee. Invoices can also be customized to offer mixed billing based on client needs. For professional services firms, the most common billing types include fixed fee, time and materials, and mixed billing based on custom client needs.

    How many types of billing are there?

    There are 5 billing types that are most commonly seen: Manual, Time & Materials (T&M), Fixed Fee, Item Based Billing, and Project Monthly Fee. However, each invoicing type can be combined in various ways to create customized invoices that meet individual client needs.

    What is the best invoicing software for small business?

    BigTime is the best invoicing software for professional services firms from 1-500 employees. Offering customizable invoices based on your bill rates and industry, BigTime allows firms to shorten their billing and collection cycle.

    How does billing software work?

    Simply put, billing software takes the time and expenses tracked against a project budget to generate and send unlimited invoices to clients, and receive payment. Generally, invoicing tools are built into software that can automate the internal daily workflows for finance and operations teams.

    How much is billing software?

    The price of billing software will depend on the vendor selected and the invoicing features included. Learn more about BigTime’s plans and pricing tiers.