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Custom Billing & Invoicing Made Simple

Stay on top of your bottom line with one-click invoicing.

After completing research on a time sheet system that would integrate with our Quickbooks desktop, I finally found BigTime. The firm did not want to leave Quickbooks and the other options were not as flexible as BigTime. It was difficult to find a system that is cost-effective. Now we bill through BigTime and link it directly to our Quickbooks Pro 2016, allowing us to see if our projects are profitable.
Marie G.

Flexible Billing Rates

Manage bill rates in one place with the flexibility to override as needed.

  • Set bill rates on staff, project tasks, even work codes
  • Use base rates like a standard rate card
  • Modify the base rate with up to 5 different ways per staffer or labor code
  • Set up an unlimited number of custom rates for each project

Customizable Invoice Templates

Use the invoice template editor to format invoices the way your clients want.

  • Personalize with your logo, address, company colors and footer information
  • Edit the invoice, marking items up or down
  • Choose the details you need to include:
    • Time entries with notes
    • Expenses with receipts
    • Budget status
    • Tax rates
    • Remittance information

See Our Invoicing Features in Action

Time & Materials Invoices

In a few clicks automate the calculation of hours, billing rates, and expenses.

  • Update the default billing rate from the rate type picklist
  • Present billing information to your client with a lot of detail or very little
  • Automatically recalculate invoice line items when an entry is deleted
  • Provide more detail on invoices with subtotal options by staff, project role, task, labor code or department

Multiple Fixed Fee Billing Formats

Manage cash flow with flexible billing formats that support incremental invoicing.

  • Invoice fixed fee projects at milestones or at the percent complete
  • Bill a percentage of the budget even when the project isn’t complete
  • Invoicing Wizard displays your entire budget history
  • Choose line item information most relevant to your billing process

Work-In-Progress Management

Know the state of your WIP at any point in time and forecast income with confidence.

  • Manage all of your unbilled time and expenses to improve cash flow
  • Enjoy complete visibility into what you can potentially invoice, and when
  • Select the WIP you want to bill by date range

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