Connect contacts to projects

BigTime integrates with Salesforce to keep your sales and project teams in sync, from first proposal to final invoice.

"I've been able to stop using tedious spreadsheets to track invoices and payments, and the Salesforce integration means I never forget to enter new projects into my PSA because they are created automatically."

Natalia K.

Kick off projects faster.

With BigTime + Salesforce, your team has one source of truth so they can spend less time level-setting and more time moving forward.

  • Automate the conversion of Salesforce opportunities to BigTime projects
  • Enable your sales and project teams to work together from the get-go
Kick off projects faster.
Build an accurate pipeline.

Build an accurate pipeline.

Get a real-time view of how WIP, existing contacts, and likely-closes will contribute to monthly revenue.

  • Leverage BigTime’s intuitive reporting to see project forecasts enriched with your Salesforce data
  • Give your team more visibility into project status and other insights they need to prepare for your contacts

Create better Salesforce reports.

Arm your client-facing team with more project details than ever before, in the system they already use daily.

  • Pull in up-to-date budgeting information within Salesforce reports
  • Summarize time and expense data for every opportunity
  • Keep tabs on when projects are invoiced and payments are processed
Create better Salesforce reports.

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