Make smart decisions easier

Let data drive more informed choices, large or small, to improve profitability.

Centralized view of all project and financial data

Improve team performance with data-backed insights

  • Centralize all information in one platform to eliminate data silos across software
  • Track project and utilization progress as you go and adjust on the fly
  • Monitor performance with robust in-app reports and dashboards to communicate progress 
  • Securely manage and share reports with custom permissions for improved collaboration  
Custom dashboards and reports

Elevate your long-term business strategy

  • Model different scenarios and test the impact of changes on your business
  • Balance key metrics to your strategies for investments, hiring, and expansion
  • Prioritize high-performing projects and allocate resources more effectively
  • Analyze financial performance and optimize margins, pricing, and revenue streams
  • Have confidence in a complete picture of projected demand

92% of BigTime customers say they are now able to make more proactive business decisions.

Choose from templated or custom-built reports

Access your data, your way

  • Schedule and automate data flows between key sources, to your BI tool, or data warehouse 
  • Customize the way you access data and work with information using APIs
  • Make reliable projections for margins, revenue, and resource capacity based on historical data 
  • Visually choose how data is displayed and used to suit your business needs

Streamline your business planning and reporting process with integrations

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“The Report Center really leverages the data entered into the system so that at a push of a button your data is organized and presented in an easy-to-understand report. Custom reports are a great feature. Thanks to BigTime we've been able to track the health of our projects with precision.”
Nike Buonfiglio
PritchardPeck Lighting, Inc

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