Manage Your Firm’s Staff Capacity for Optimal Efficiency

Simplify the way your firm plans the staff hours you need to complete projects.

We use BigTime to properly track how much time each employee have devoted to a certain project on a daily basis. In this method, we know how we can bill our clients, and how we can properly allocate our resources.
Dan V.
Project Director

Resource Allocation

Know which staffers are available to work on projects and how much time to allocate.

  • Reduce the time spent meeting and planning around staff capacity
  • Easily find the staff available for projects by role or department
  • Make informed decisions about when you need to add more staff
  • View set staff assignments by project

Utilization Dashboard

Gain a big-picture view into operational insights to make adjustments to how resources are managed.

  • View breakdowns by budgeted, total input or billable hours
  • Use staff utilization metrics to forecast and make resource projections
  • Decrease staff bench time by easily spotting areas to improve productivity
  • Compare estimated resources with actuals to increase billable time and project ROI

Custom Reports

Create real-time, custom reports on your firm’s health.

  • Pull utilization metrics by department, role or staffer
  • Generate line graphs to visualize and measure budgets vs. actuals over time
  • Analyze efficiency graphs by month

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