Resource Management Software for Professional Service Firms

BigTime’s resource management software makes it easy to optimize your staff capacity and avoid over/under utilization by giving your team the project visibility they need to succeed.

Avoid over/under scheduling.

BigTime lets you see which staffers are available to work on projects and how much time to allocate to each one.

  • Prevent turnover by keeping team members happy with a reasonable workload
  • See availability for specific projects with billable vs non-billable hours and budgeted hours vs actuals
  • Keep staff engaged and decrease staff bench time 
Avoid over/under scheduling.
Skills Matching

Skills Matching

With each project requiring unique skills and roles, it's important to easily find the staffer best suited for the job.

  • Configurable categories allow you to group skills however makes the most sense to your firm
  • Keep track and view staffers by unique skill set
  • Rate staffers on a scale of 1-5 for clear view into who is most proficient at each skill (Staffers will not see these ratings unless you want them to)
  • Already keeping track of skills elsewhere? No problem, you can easily import skills via our CSV template

Course correct in real time.

Get a big-picture view of how your team is spending their time and quickly make changes on the fly.

  • See breakdowns by budgeted, total input, or billable hours
  • Use staff utilization metrics to forecast and make resource projections
  • Compare estimated resources with actuals to increase billable time and see ROI in real time
Course correct in real time.
Plan before you allocate.

Plan before you allocate.

Use the planning board to pull resource allocation, staff allocation, and budget data into one view to inform planning decisions large and small.

  • No need to run multiple reports with built in toggles and filters on the planning board
  • Get a color-coded visual of your firm-wide allocation numbers
  • See every project's status side by side along with contextual data

Make data-driven hiring decisions.

Get a better idea of who you need to hire and when with a centralized view of staff capacity.

  • View staff assignments by project
  • See utilization metrics based on department, role, or staffer
  • Build charts to measure budgets vs. actuals over time, including efficiency graphs by month
Make data-driven hiring decisions.

Learn how to better balance staff capacity


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"We use BigTime to properly track how much time each employee has devoted to a certain project on a daily basis. In this method, we know how we can bill our clients, and how we can properly allocate our resources."

Dan V.
Project Director

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