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How The iFish Group started getting paid two weeks earlier with BigTime

Get paid faster with BigTime

Before BigTime, The iFish Group’s monthly time and materials invoices for the previous month would go out as late as the 17th. Now, with the improved automated and efficiency, every invoice is out on the first of the month.

Work the Same In-Office or On-the-Go

Total access to track time and expenses, or search client and project information whenever you need it. Whether you’re in the office, remote or on-site you’ll be able to work efficiently and stay on track with your projects.

See Why BigTime Is Perfect For IT Professionals

Customized to How You Do Business

As you grow, BigTime is built to scale and compliment the way your firm works. Change fields to match the terms you use, or create individual billing-rates for staffers, and generate custom invoices and reports.

Instantly Track Performance

See the real-time status of every project in a single dashboard. Our project-based reporting allows you to drill down on tasks, due dates, costs and more to know where you stand on every detail of your engagements. 

Gantt charts also keep the team connected with a defined critical path to focus on project success.

Deep QuickBooks Integration

Easily handle your inventory through QuickBooks when you need to bill a client for hardware used during an install without having to go through a time-consuming three-step process.


Learn how to seamlessly sync data between BigTime and QuickBooks

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