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Adopt a proactive lense

Why leadership teams choose BigTime

Scaling a successful services business is a balancing act. Avoid reaching a plateau by combining 
fine-tuned operations with your superior services to create a dual advantage.

Track allocations and project resources

Have project delivery down to a science

Deliver better client experiences with confidence to meet every milestone and nail timelines.

  • Identify the true profit-driving services and understand the financial levers needed to pull to grow at a more exponential rate
  • Optimize pricing by comparing budgets to actuals to know if your fixed-fee contracts are set to the right estimate
Dashboard view of staff utilization

Hire and retain the right talent

Align project tasks to skillsets to increase employee satisfaction in their work and reduce attrition.

  • Reduce bench time by changing your focus from historical allocations to forecasting staff utilization
  • Shift your team from generalists to specialists by having insight to hire for more defined roles and responsibilities
Centralized view of all project and financial data

Full clarity into important KPIs and cashflow

Shift from being reactive to proactive with real-time business insights into financial health and project performance.

  • Gain a line of sight into the health of the business with full AR management, revenue recognition, and projections
  • Track resource utilization by department, team, or role across your project portfolio

It's time to move past the status quo

Reed Draper

VP, Draper and Associates
“BigTime gives me some insight and visibility to where we are financially because now I can look forward and see what's been entered into the system, what billing for the next month is going to look like, whereas it was kind of a guess before with our old system.”

Keep the tools you love

Our integrations make it possible for your systems to talk to each other fluidly. 

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