See the status of every project in a single dashboard.

project management budget tracking

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Budget and Task Tracking

Know who’s working on what when, and how much time it’s taking.

  • Setup tasks specific to each project and assign hourly, fee, and expense budgets.
  • Track project budgets, PO’s, or not to exceed (NTE) amounts.
  • Summarize invoices by project tasks and bill hourly, fixed fee or percent complete.
  • Control and secure information, granting managers access to the projects and tasks they manage.

Gantt Charts

Easily see, create, and update project timelines and deliverables.

  • Use Auto-Schedule to shift a task or subtask and all of its dependencies.
  • Shift views from monthly to weekly to daily.
  • Use the Critical Path to see the most important tasks that need to be done in order to complete a project.
project workflow management

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project management review and approval

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Review and Approval

Accelerate project progress and increase accuracy with review and approval workflow.

  • Streamline review and approval of project time and expenses.
  • Eliminate embarrassing and time-consuming billing errors.
  • Auto-reminders alert managers and employees when they have an item to review, approve, or correct.
  • Pending notifications can be automatically sent to a BigTime inbox, Slack, or a staffer’s email.

Due Date and Workflow Management

Know where you are with every project based on its status and due date.

  • Track multiple projects and know at a glance if you’re on schedule.
  • Assign staffers to project tasks and set due dates.
  • Track your project and task workflow with custom statuses and task types.
  • Use grouping/sorting and filtering features to drill down into the details.
project workflow management

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Resource Allocation and Project Staffing

Know which staffers are available to work on projects and how much time to allocate.

  • See staff assignments by project.
  • Allocate staff based on capacity.
  • Run reports to understand how you’ve been utilizing employees.
  • Plan ahead to make sure the right human resources will be available.
  • Make informed decisions about when you need to add more staff.