Today, more than ever, a simple time and billing software app is needed to keep pace with our changing work environment. Many employees are opting to work from home full time or to supplement in-house attendance with remote work. Add to this new trend the thousands of people in this country that have chosen to leave the traditional workplace and start their own business.

For new entrepreneurs, billing software for small businesses that is not overloaded with unnecessary features helps them stay focused on their core business, instead of constantly updating employee time or tracking customer invoices.

With over a quarter of the employable population working remotely and small businesses springing up across the nation, keeping track of workers' time along with keeping track of supplier accounts payable and client accounts receivable is crucial to operational success and for avoiding a total business failure.

The best billing for PC should be easy to set up and easy to use. Also, the best employee time tracking software bundled with the best billing software should have at least these features:

  • Ability to automatically create invoices
  • Automate the sending of Invoices and late notices
  • Will generate reports to help visualize business operations
  • Accepts online payments from your clients
  • Feature employee or freelancer time tracking

Best Time and Billing Software For Accountants

Take a closer look at one of the best time and billing software for accountants - BigTime, which was created specifically for professionals like accountants, lawyers, engineers, and creatives like graphic designers and website designers. Time tracking for bookkeepers must be able to handle the way accounts charge their clients. This is typically hourly worked multiplied by the hourly rate to arrive at a fee to charge the client.

But, CPA billing software should also be flexible enough to handle different ways of time tracking for accountants. This could be a fixed-fee pricing model where the accountant has discussed a fixed price with the client up front. Either way, your client will want to know that you have worked the hours you are charging, and you have used the expenses charged for the benefit of the client.

Time tracking and billing software for consultants like BigTime automates these processes, which gives your business a very trustworthy and professional way to conduct business. Accounting features associated with BigTime include intuitive invoicing that is flexible to satisfy the invoicing demands of different clients. In the end, automated billing and invoicing software helps you get paid faster and can make sure accountants are paid for overhead expenses also.

Other features include:

  • Integration with QuickBooks and Sage Intacct
  • The ability to forecast future income for work in progress
  • Can be bundled with project management and workflow solutions.

The goal of time and billing software for accountants is to make your job easier, so that instead of focusing on bookkeeping, you can focus on your clients. It is also geared to reduce the need for administrative staff, which is often an overhead burden that will eat away at profits. BigTime offers accountants a proactive way to manage their time, expenses, and work-in-progress for improved cash flow.

Time Billing Software Free

There's a reason why many organizations choose not to use time billing software free and are moving away from Excel spreadsheets to track client hours. Open software and apps may not be the best choice because of the following:

  • Most users discover that open source software like Clockify is more difficult and less appealing to use.
  • Free software is typically very generic, and not geared towards professional business owners.
  • Proprietary time tracker software offers customer support and regular software upgrades
  • Free time tracking and invoicing may not work with your current hardware or operating system.

BigTime is the best free time tracking app that offers a free trial, so you can discover just how beneficial the app is before you fully commit. Any time tracking software that doesn't offer a trial period may be cumbersome to use, hard to learn, and difficult to deploy.

Time and Billing Software For Law Firms

Now let's look at another professional group that can benefit from automated time and billing software for law firms. Attorneys often lose money due to billable hours that are never recorded, therefore they go wasted. And, that's amazing, because almost 50% of legal costs are overhead expenses.

The best legal billing software for small firms is one that can be configured to charge clients by hourly rate, retainer, or contingent fee arrangements. This type of billing software for small law firms will also need to accept credit card payments online while also managing time and payroll for office administrators or paralegals.

BigTime is simply a scaled down version of legal billing software for large firms, without all the unnecessary bells and whistles. Across your team, it is easy to track hours on multiple projects and with different clients. It also allows you to quickly create LEDES 1998B invoices while avoiding double-entry of data due to its seamless integration with QuickBooks Sage Intacct, Salesforce, Slack, Zapier, Lacerte, Jira, and more.

With the right billing software for small law firms, your entire office is more productive. And best of all, you're always on track with incoming client payments and outgoing employee payroll. A successful law firm is a busy law firm. Automating your time tracking and invoicing is the best way to stay competitive and profitable.

Hourly Billing Software

Most accountants and lawyers will bill clients by the hour. For this, hourly billing software is essential. The best time tracking software will take the guesswork out of your invoicing procedures and make it easier to accurately charge clients for each hour worked. When speaking with professionals that have started a small business rather than work for a large corporation, many will admit that they have lost profits due to lost hours - time and/or expenses that they simply did not charge the client for.

Professional services time tracking software helps you remain profitable with each and every client. And, when you have a small administrative staff or business partners that also work with clients, then a good time and billing software for consultants is essential. It is almost impossible to know if you're going over-budget or over-schedule on a project when you don't accurately track time worked, travel time, and other expenses for each billable hour.

A hidden benefit of hourly billing software is that it can allow you to adjust your pricing to increase profits or to be more competitive. The pricing of projects can be a delicate balancing act. Professional services time tracking software can analyze your time and costs data and organize it into a report that can add insight into gaining more profit on each and every project.

Project Billing Software

Many professionals choose to charge clients for each project milestone until completion. This is more common for creatives like website developers and graphic designers, along with engineers, architects, and consultants. But, more and more, peer-to-peer services are looking to project billing software as a way to track project tasks, time, and expenses, so they don't end up losing money.

A good timesheet and invoicing software can also serve as project management software to make sure you get paid for the work you delivered. No matter which profession you are in, when you think of each and every client as a project with action items, team members, milestones, and project delivery date, then your invoice management software can also serve as a project management tool.

BigTime allows its customers to bundle proprietary project management software with timesheet and invoicing software. For professionals like engineers, contractors, and financial consultants, a project management tool that works seamlessly with your financial bookkeeping and employee time tracking app.

These are the benefits you can expect when you choose BigTime project billing software:

  • Greater visibility into projects with real-time tracking of budgets and staff assignments
  • Ability to organize workflows so that projects follow a plan instead of haphazard activities
  • Employees can enter time faster and supervisors can approve payrolls quicker.
  • Track your spending on material procurement and other project-related expenses
  • Customize and automate your invoices to keep clients paying on time.

BigTime invoicing, time tracking, and project management software has been specifically developed to fit the way professional consultants work - either by hourly rates, milestone rates, or predetermined monthly payments. The success of a small business depends on how well the owner, management, and staff use their time and complete their tasks.

In business, time really is money. And, most small businesses fail due to poor management of time, money, or employees. BigTime handles all three of these areas so your consulting business can focus on the job at hand, instead of admin tasks. And, with the BigTime mobile app, you can capture critical information while in the field or make project changes and notations while sitting in your client's office.