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Our platform is designed to work with your existing software systems, acting as a single source of truth for your data – and your team.

BigTime Favorite Software & Integrations

Connect BigTime with your existing software stack to get up and running faster

Partner Program - Quickbooks

Power up your accounting system with time tracking, billing, and project management information from BigTime.

partner program salesforce

Gain enhanced visibility into your clients’ project timelines and budgets with BigTime.

Partner Program - Lacerte

Integrate Intuit’s tax preparation software, Lacerte, with BigTime to track and manage the status of each tax return.

partner program Jira

Leverage the functionality and detailed project data in Jira while managing projects against budgets and hours in BigTime.

Partner Program - Sage Intacct

Sync your projects, employees, financials, and accounting data in BigTime to provide insight into how your firm is performing.

partner program Hubspot

Start projects faster with all the information your team needs, when they need it, available where they already work.

partner program slack

Simplify how you communicate action items and push project notifications directly to your team.

Google Logo - BigTime

Link your BigTime account to log in once and get quicker access to everything you need.

partner program Zapier

Connect your favorite BigTime features to create and automate your workflows across apps.

Zoho Logo - BigTime

Connect BigTime and Zoho to automate complex business workflows within minutes.

Integrate employee time off data from Bamboo into BigTime Foresight for more accurate and effective resource planning.

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Overview of BigTime integrations

Build flexibility into your business

  • Our growing library of native integrations accommodates teams of all sizes
  • Incorporate new software effortlessly as needs grow and change
  • Increase visibility across every corner of the business
QuickBooks - Import Data

Empower every team

  • Make adoption easier by integrating the technology your team already loves
  • Spend less time learning new workflows and more time focusing on critical work
  • Simplify the workday with a strong integration ecosystem that keeps teams in sync
Sage Integration

Maximize your technology investment

  • Connect existing workflows to extend the value of your existing application landscape
  • Bring all areas of the business together to contextualize your work
  • Automate a wide range of tasks to boost day-to-day efficiency

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Kyle MacDonald - BigTime

Kyle MacDonald

Aegis Project Control

“We were using a combination of three different systems for time, accounting, and billing that had to mesh together through uploads and reconciliations.” With the Sage Intacct + BigTime integration,

we brought all of our data into one consolidated platform, cutting our billing process in half."

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