• Mar 06,2019

In this release, you’ll find that Gantt charts are even better and easier to use. See how much a task can be extended without affecting the project’s Critical Path. Or create a baseline so you can easily compare the changes you make. But that’s not all.

We’ve also introduced a new item-based billing calculator. That way, you can include various task-fee types on a single invoice. And we’ve included Budget Notifications, which notifies team leads about a project’s budget status. Now it’s easy to see which projects need immediate attention.


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  • Feb 14,2019

Employers will need about 90 million people in project management-type positions by 2027, a 2017 Project Management Institute report found. That’s almost 22 million new jobs.

Alongside the anticipated job openings, there’s a lot to like about project management. Many find the work gratifying: seeing a project through completion and helping staffers achieve team and individual goals. The pay isn’t bad either. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, management occupations in May 2017 had a median annual wage of $102,590.

But before you jump to this new career path, take

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  • Jan 28,2019

Have you sent an invoice with a typo? How about a missing expense or an inaccurate amount? We’ve all been there.

But now you can avoid these errors with BigTime’s invoice and approvals. This optional feature ensures that invoices are complete and accurate before they’re sent to clients.

Here’s how it works: have several reviewers, of your choosing, review a drafted invoice. The number of approvers depends on your BigTime package: firms with IQ Pro have up to two approvers; firms with Premier have up to four. Then, your

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  • Jan 07,2019

Start out 2019 right with BigTime’s Gantt chart feature. It’s a Pro and Premier-level tool that project managers use to visually gauge project timelines and tasks and prioritize their workload. See how all of your tasks and subtasks for a given project work together. This powerful feature is just one of many in our January release.

We’ve also created a baseline option in resource allocation; added

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  • Jan 02,2019

The standard mileage rates for cars, vans, pickups, or panel trucks will change on January 1, 2019, according to an IRS release. The rate will be $0.58 for every mile of business travel. This means you need to update your unit of measure in BigTime.

Follow the steps below to make this change. At the end of the article, we’ll explain the difference between Cost/Rate and Sales/Price, which will be helpful when you make unit of measure changes.

Select My Company…Field Values from the navigation bar.

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