• Sep 28,2017

We’re excited to share the changes you’ll find on our Knowledge Base (KB). You can expect:

  • New articles on existing and recently added features.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Updates to existing articles.

Now you’ll have the resources you need when you’re burning the midnight oil and have a BigTime product or feature question.

New KB Articles

There are several new article series that you’ll find helpful, including:

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  • Sep 19,2017

Would you use a tool that could save your consulting firm time and money? Most likely, your answer is a resounding “yes”!

Enter resource allocation. It’s a new BigTime tool that helps companies manage their resources: staffers and budgets. Knowing how and where time is being spent can ultimately help your consulting firm save time and money.

There are three ways BigTime’s resource allocation can help you manage your resources effectively.

1. Create a Plan

When you create a plan, you think through how to get from

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  • Aug 30,2017

Consultants don’t get enough credit. They hit project deadlines, give presentations, and write reports in order to help businesses achieve goals and solve problems. How do they get it all done? This article answers that question by providing four ways to effectively manage your days and time.

meet consulting project deadlines banner

1. Have a Plan

Most people don’t start their day with a plan. They instead react to whatever comes their way, from email requests to impromptu meetings. But this how deadlines

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  • Aug 22,2017
resource allocation software for consultants

It’s 3pm on Thursday afternoon and your client calls with an urgent request due the next morning. You commit to the deadline and spend the next hour scrambling to figure out who can work on this request, without jeopardizing your other projects. After a very late and stressful night at the office, your team gets the job done. Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there before, but a situation like this can be prevented with resource allocation: a process for allocating resources, like budgets and

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  • Jul 28,2017

If you’re looking for better ways to track projects, log time, and manage staffers, you’ll love this release. Read on to find out what’s new at BigTime.

Task Editor

One new feature is our task editor. Think of it as a one stop shop for entering task-related information for a project all at once, instead of individually on the task dashboard. Your task editor will look like this:

Project Task Editor

In the image above, the tasks are in green and the subtasks are

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