• Mar 23,2017

Product Update: March 2017

When you’re preparing invoices in BigTime, you need options. Each client has different invoicing requirements and you need to move quickly from one style to another. It’s easier than ever to customize invoices, and this update gives you the option to create a simple summary of time and expenses.

How Customizing Invoices Works

You can personalize the appearance of your invoices with company information like your

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  • Mar 15,2017


Allbusiness.com asserts that email is the #1 communication tool in the workplace. It’s also the top time waster, beating out office meetings for the #1 spot. “Email consumes 23% of the average employee’s workday and that average employee checks his or her email 36 times an hour,” according to Forbes contributor David Burkus. Do the math. That’s about 2 hours a day when you add in an extra 16 minutes, the time it takes employees to refocus after dealing with incoming email. Here’s

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  • Mar 09,2017
online timesheets - 3 things you need to know about

1. Online timesheets are about more than time. They’re really about data.

Brian Saunders, CEO of BigTime Software knows a thing or two about online timesheets. When asked why we even bother to track time he said, “It’s because the stuff on a timesheet is really data. And the whole point of tracking time is to collect this data and then use it to make better business decisions.”
As the owner of his

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