• Apr 19,2017

 Product Update – April 2017

Android users: you deserve a better smarter mobile timesheet app that simplifies your on-the-go work life. And that’s exactly what this product update delivers. Let’s take a closer look.

Timesheets, Timers, and Expenses

Now Android phones recognize the required fields feature. Mobile Timesheet with Required Field

A required field is exactly what it sounds like in that the user is required to complete a particular value.

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  • Apr 19,2017

Our talented Q&A development specialist Monica shared an article from the Harvard Business Review, The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. It got her attention because the principles outlined in the article sounded a lot like the way our development team plans features for our time and billing app. Of the article’s three main points, it was the second that resonated most with our dev team. Ask “What is essential?”

Our dev team repeatedly asks themselves this question. Then, they plan the feature that will tackle a root issue in our time

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  • Apr 07,2017

We’re excited to host our first guest blog post from Gene Marks. Gene is an active consultant for growing businesses. He’s an expert in process and technology. And, he’s a columnist for Inc. Magazine, Forbes and Entrepreneur.com (among other things).

While we have tons of firms who use BigTime’s fixed-fee billing capabilities, Gene reminds us that value-billing isn’t for everyone. He’s an expert on helping small businesses grow. Maybe you should hear him out.

There’s a Better Way to do Your Invoicing

My company sells and implements

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  • Mar 23,2017

Product Update: March 2017

When you’re preparing invoices in BigTime, you need options. Each client has different invoicing requirements and you need to move quickly from one style to another. It’s easier than ever to customize invoices, and this update gives you the option to create a simple summary of time and expenses.

How Customizing Invoices Works

You can personalize the appearance of your invoices with company information like your

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