• Jul 24,2018

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BigTime Software, a leading provider of cloud-based software for the professional services organization, announced today it has swept G2 Crowd’s Summer Awards, topping its competitors with the Leader designations in PSA, Billing, Time Tracking and Expense Management categories (as well as a High Performer designation in Project Management, and close to 30 additional recognitions). G2 Crowd is the world’s leading B2B technology review platform, with more than 425,000 user reviews for and by business professionals.

“2018 has been a record-setting year for the company. We have grown revenues by almost

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  • Jul 16,2018

It’s Thursday afternoon and your client calls, and wants to know if their website design project is on budget. A moment of panic sets in. It’s been awhile since you last monitored the project. You pull up your Resource Allocation Dashboard and see that it’s over budget by 100 hours, and you still have another month to go on the project.

It’s a common, but preventable, scenario. Sometimes the “management” part slides once a project is up and running. But that’s when the real work begins: from shifting allocated hours to adding or

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  • Jul 12,2018

Do you have BigTime and Salesforce accounts? Then, this post is for you! Learn about how you’ll benefit when you integrate BigTime with Salesforce.

Each time a Salesforce opportunity reaches a specified stage in your sales pipeline, which you determine, it’s added in BigTime as a project. Then, BigTime and Salesforce communicate with each other and share relevant project and client details.

The integration will help you in two ways. First, keep project and sales teams informed. The integration keeps guesswork to a minimum because staffers across fields can see

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  • Jul 09,2018

We’ve published a slew of Knowledge Base articles to get you up and running with some of our latest features and fixes. So when questions come up you’ve got resources to turn to. This post highlights several new articles from three categories: resource allocation, invoicing, and the BigTime/Salesforce integration.

Resource Allocation

Get the most out of resource allocation, and learn how to shift allocations. It’s a simple feature with a powerful effect: when project changes occur, as they inevitably do, choose to shift allocations to another

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  • Jul 06,2018

You’ve got a BigTime and Salesforce account, why not integrate them? Then, the two systems can communicate with each other and share relevant project and client details, like budgets, invoices, and team members. The benefits of this integration are many.

First, prevent double-data entry. Each time a Salesforce opportunity reaches a specified stage in your sales pipeline of your choosing, it’s automatically added in BigTime as a project. Then, you can include project details in BigTime and sync this information with Salesforce. As a result, you’ll save time—since you no longer need

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