• May 22,2018

Our latest fixes and features are bound to save you time. You’ll find needless steps removed and others automated in order to make your BigTime experience a great one.

Save some time and effort by using the “copy expenses” feature on the summary page of a submitted expense report. Turn on the automatic “save” feature in resource allocation so you don’t need to manually save changes. These are just a few ways you’ll benefit from our latest release cycle. Read on to learn more.

New BigTime fixes and features:

  • Customize
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  • May 15,2018

You’ve got a BigTime and Salesforce account, why not integrate them? Then, the two systems can communicate with each other and share relevant project and client details, like budgets, invoices, and team members. The benefits of this integration are many.

First, prevent double-data entry. Each time a Salesforce opportunity reaches a specified stage in your sales pipeline of your choosing, it’s automatically added in BigTime as a project. Then, you can include project details in BigTime and sync this information with Salesforce. As a result, you’ll save time—since you no longer need

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  • May 10,2018

We hear about the shortage of software engineers. But it’s less common to hear about a growing demand for project managers. But that’s what a recent report by Project Management Institute suggests. “Across the globe,” it says, “there’s a widening gap between employers’ need for skilled project management workers and the availability of professionals to fill those roles.”

It cites three reasons for the gap: attrition; a rise in jobs requiring “project-oriented” skills; and an increase in jobs that call for “project talent”—particularly in China and India, along with other

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  • May 08,2018

Put the data you generate in BigTime to good use with our pre-built time reporting. They’re an easy way to get details on a variety of topics, including projects, tasks, resource allocation, and invoicing. Plus, you can customize a pre-built report by adding or removing columns, or adjusting the date range.

These reports also make sharing information convenient. Generate a task report to use in your staff meeting. Email an invoicing report to a client. Or create a pre-built resource allocation report to help plan for the quarter ahead. Read on to

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  • May 03,2018

Business leaders often say “everything’s important.” But in reality, some things are more important than others. With competing demands, it’s hard to determine what matters most and many firms aren’t very good at it, says Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez in a Harvard Business Review article.

“Prioritization at a strategic and operational level is often the difference between success and failure,” he writes. “But many organizations do it badly.” That’s where BigTime can help.

This post aims to help you identify priorities, and, equally important, how to share them with your staffers—so

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