• May 16,2019
Going off budget happens. Roadblocks come up and can throw a whole project off course. Since most things don’t go perfectly according to plan, you an account for this by slightly padding your budgets.

What you do want to avoid, and what is in your staff’s control, is messy time tracking that leads to budgets going array due to lack of insight. In this blog post, we’ll outline five key tips to improve your firm’s time-tracking process that will tighten up your budget estimates, leading to more profitable projects.

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  • May 07,2019
For small-to-medium sized businesses, it’s common for the leadership staff to not only manage the business but also still be executors heavily involved in day-to-day client projects. This leaves little time for managing the overhead of the business and adds stress to the pressures of running a successful company. Most likely, you’re also then the person tasked with finding a solution, but where to start?

PSA (Professional Services Automation) and PM (Project Management) software are often confused because at their core they offer the same key values of getting your business Read More

  • May 02,2019
Time and expense tracking are one of the most fundamental ingredients for a successful professional services firm. However, as companies go through growth spurts, the process for tracking time to billing clients gets tweaked so many times, that before you know it your prosperous business is being weighed down by a clunky internal process that costs too much precious time and money. If this sounds like the boat you’ve been drowning in for years, or are just on the verge of setting sail, have no fear. The good news is that there are Read More

  • Mar 06,2019
In this release, you’ll find that Gantt charts are even better and easier to use. See how much a task can be extended without affecting the project’s Critical Path. Or create a baseline so you can easily compare the changes you make. But that’s not all. We’ve also introduced a new item-based billing calculator. That way, you can include various task-fee types on a single invoice. And we’ve included Budget Notifications, which notifies team leads about a project’s budget status. Now it’s easy to see which projects need immediate attention. We’ve got a Read More

  • Feb 14,2019
Employers will need about 90 million people in project management-type positions by 2027, a 2017 Project Management Institute report found. That’s almost 22 million new jobs. Alongside the anticipated job openings, there’s a lot to like about project management. Many find the work gratifying: seeing a project through completion and helping staffers achieve team and individual goals. The pay isn’t bad either. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, management occupations in May 2017 had a median annual wage of $102,590. But before you jump to this new career path, take a minute Read More