Gantt Charts Versus Product Roadmaps

  • Jul 25,2019
You’re using the wrong tool for project planning. It’s an easy mistake for any over-stressed project manager to make. These days, project managers have so many helpful tools for planning and organizing teamwork.

In fact, a lot of people get caught on when to use a Gantt chart, and when you should use a product roadmap instead. So what is the difference?

We’ll take a look at the problems that Gantt charts are made to solve, and what sets apart a Read More

  • Jul 16,2019
This post is by Shane Anastasi, CEO and Founder of PS Principles, whose goal is to help customer-facing project teams deliver their projects more successfully. Shane will be joining us on August 14th at 2 PM CT for a webinar on his certification program and how it leads to stronger project management. Save your seat for the webinar here, and to view Shane’s original post of this article, visit his blog here.

Too many projects. Not enough resources. High attrition. Low morale Read More

  • Jul 15,2019
It isn’t easy to be a good project manager, and it’s even more difficult to do excellent project management. Your projects are always moving, and you have to hit your targets, every single time.

If you aren’t keeping an eye on projects and people, then you’re meeting deadlines, or working your magic to stay under budget. Every time a deadline passes, you feel like you just barely made it, and you know there must be a better way.

Of course, there is. In this blog Read More

  • Jun 28,2019
Managing a professional services firm the manual way can be tedious, time-consuming and at times feel disorganized, but you know this. Often the first signs that your firm is in the right spot to invest in a professional services automation (PSA) software comes from internal struggles. It may be difficult to predict your revenue cycle, invoices are a lengthy process for every client, and double data entry haunts you in your sleep.

Making a new software investment is daunting for small firm leaders. In some cases, it may even seem Read More
solving common consulting challenges

  • Jun 24,2019
Every business has its own set of challenges. If you work or own a professional services firm, you most likely spend the bulk of your day solving problems for other businesses offering expert strategy, advice or skillset. But, while your busy helping clients succeed it’s easy to lose sight of the operational side of your firm.

So who helps you? This is where professional services automation (PSA) software comes to the rescue.

We’ve heard from many of our clients over the years, and when it comes to a Read More