BigTime Foresight: How to Map Resources in a Profitable Manner 


Are the decisions you’re making today setting you up for future success? It’s difficult to have a long-term forecasting mindset when you’re spending hours combing through multiple systems to glean insights.

Meet BigTime Foresight – our new resource management solution. Foresight reduces the effort required to keep track of your firm’s resources and makes it easy to pivot without worrying about what loops will go unclosed.

View our webinar for a walkthrough of how Foresight ensures firms never leave revenue on the table or resources on the bench.

During the webinar, we’ll cover how to:

  • Compare project plans to service delivery goals to better understand future demand
  • Maximize profitability by visualizing the best resource plan
  • Gain clarity into employee utilization from a unified view and prevent turnover
  • Increase forecast visibility for the near- and long-term, backed by financial metrics
View the Recording:
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Tyler Hauxwell
Solutions Consultant
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