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Project Management (Budgeting)

  • Manage Tasks/Engagements/Phases
  • Learn to create and manage Tasks
  • Set up one-time or recurring Tasks
  • Log time to Tasks, use timers
  • Perform bulk actions
  • Set up custom stages
  • Set and track hour or $$ budgets


  • Set up bill rates
  • Create invoices from WIP
  • Use different invoice formats and print templates
  • Write up/down fees
  • Print or email invoice for clients
  • Posting invoice to QuickBooks


  • Run a pre-built report to quickly gather information
  • Customize existing reports to fit your firm’s needs
  • Publish, share and manage reports & report permissions
  • Customize report grouping and filtering
  • Create custom reports using the report wizard

Resource Allocation

  • Set up Resource Allocation
  • View Utilization Dashboard
  • Create Allocation Reports
  • Set up Revenue Projections
  • Understand Custom Cost Rates
  • Use Multi-level Approval
  • Integrate with Salesforce

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