Altudo Experiences 150% Employee Growth and Enhanced Operational Efficiency with BigTime Foresight  


Updated: March 7, 2024
March 7, 2024
table of contents
table of contents

About Altudo

Founded in 1999, Altudo now has over 600 experts delivering a wide range of services, from Salesforce and Sitecore implementations to cloud computing and mobile development. 

Operating across six offices located in several regions worldwide, Altudo has delivered services to more than 45 Fortune 500 companies from industries spanning financial services, manufacturing, retail, and insurance.

The company was a Platinum Winner at the MarCom Awards (2020) and Hermes Creative Awards (2020) and received the Best User Experience and Visual Design award at the Vega Digital Awards (2020).

  • Industry: Consulting
  • Size: 600+ employees
  • Use cases: Resource management


In 1999, Altudo emerged as a consultancy powerhouse with a customer-first approach and a vision to provide top-notch services to companies across diverse industries. With hundreds of experts globally, Altudo was at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge solutions to create engaging customer experiences, helping clients acquire new customers fast, drive revenue, and improve customer relationships. 

But, as Altudo expanded its footprint worldwide, the complexity of managing a vast talent pool in spreadsheets became a significant challenge. Operating in dynamic industries like financial services, manufacturing, retail, and insurance, the company faced the pressing need to optimize internal processes for peak efficiency. Resource management, a critical aspect of the operations, posed a unique set of challenges. The question that lingered for Altudo was how to orchestrate an extensive talent pool seamlessly and reduce errors while managing hundreds of resources.


With Altudo’s growth, the company faced a formidable challenge—a lack of comprehensive visibility into the allocation and utilization of its workforce. This obstacle, though seemingly technical, cast a shadow over key processes, causing a ripple effect of inefficiencies that Altudo was determined to overcome.

The absence of a single source of truth for resource management created a void, leaving team members without a common reference point for identifying who was working on what project, and when. This disruption hindered collaborative efforts and decision-making processes, resulting in numerous errors and inaccuracies. Altudo grappled with disparate data sources, forcing team members into time-consuming meetings and manual report creation to obtain crucial information.

Kumar Pranay, Practice Lead Quality Assurance, shed light on the challenges, stating, “We were using Microsoft Excel-based tools for allocation tracking and they didn’t provide us with the information we needed around the availability of our employees. This was a big challenge since our staff may work on several projects at the same time. We had no transparency between managers, and that led to many problems.”

Issues Altudo Faced before implementing BigTime Foresight Included: 

  • Disparate data sources: Fragmented data from multiple spreadsheets delivered conflicting information to team members. Without a common understanding of what resources were working on specific projects, the ability to effectively collaborate, plan projects, and make decisions was affected.
  • Scheduling Conflicts and Project Delays: Disparities in resource allocations, both full and part-time, caused a snowball effect. Starting with errors and scheduling conflicts, to project delays, affecting employee and customer morale, and ending with profitability loss.
  • Time-Consuming Manual Reporting: Manual data collection from multiple Excel sheets made report generation tedious, error-prone, and time-consuming.

Altudo acknowledged the imperative need for a transformative solution to enhance its resource management capabilities. This marked a crucial juncture in their journey, prompting them to seek a partner capable of converting inefficiency into productivity and transforming wasted hours into a streamlined and efficient utilization of resources.

BigTime Solution

In a commitment to helping clients deliver exceptional customer experiences, Altudo focused on its own resource management needs and implemented BigTime Foresight. Robust reporting, partial allocations, swift implementation, transparency options, and adaptability for various project scenarios were just a few of the basics Altudo was looking for. BigTime Foresight met all these requirements, providing a unified source for data on finances, skills, and resources. This led to a decrease in scheduling conflicts and collaboration issues, ultimately enhancing team efficiency.

Additionally, Altudo gained a swift high-level view of resource availability. This newfound clarity enhanced planning accuracy, reduced errors in both full- and part-time allocations, and helped managers make better decisions on recruitment and sales. 

“[BigTime Foresight] fulfilled all of our criteria and the implementation process was transparent and smooth! We were looking for a tool to bring us clarity in resource management and fulfill our specific needs, like enabling us to create partial allocations or generate detailed reports easily.”
Kumar Pranay Practice Lead Quality Assurance, Altudo

BigTime Foresight also revolutionized Altudo’s financial and resourcing reporting. Automation significantly cuts down reporting time, allowing the company to generate accurate reports swiftly and efficiently. The transition to automated reporting saves valuable time and enhances the accuracy of crucial business insights, contributing to Altudo’s overall operational excellence. 

With BigTime Foresight, Altudo has: 

  • Unified Data for All: All managers and stakeholders are on the same page with unified, on-demand datasets for their finances, skills, and resources, improving collaboration and operational efficiency.
  • Streamlined Resource Allocations: With a single source of truth, Altudo can better understand current and planned employee availability, improving scalability and operational efficiency.
  • Automated Reporting: By automating the data collection process, BigTime Forecast streamlines efficient reporting for all the key processes, significantly cutting down on reporting time. 


With BigTime in place, Altudo has experienced significant improvements in resource management capabilities, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and business scale. By having an integrated solution that consolidates complex financial planning, resource management, and automated reports, BigTime Foresight has significantly reduced the reliance on cumbersome spreadsheets, fostering a streamlined decision-making process. Altudo now has access to unified data, which has significantly reduced communication issues around who to staff on projects, decreased manual, error-prone allocation time by 500 hours monthly, and increased their overall staff by 150%. 

“[BigTime Foresight] has helped us increase the overall level of transparency in the company and provides a single source of truth that each employee can access. Our managers finally have clarity about who is working on which project and for how long. They no longer need to schedule meetings just to update each other about resource availability.”
Kumar Pranay Practice Lead Quality Assurance at Altudo

Now with operations running as they should, Altudo can focus efforts on continued growth, and on delivering exceptional experiences to customers.

With BigTime Foresight, Altudo has seen: 

500 hours

Saved monthly, from reduced allocation errors.

Operational efficiency

From unified data, enhanced reporting, and streamlined allocations.

150% increase in staff

Through streamlined resource allocations, driving growth and performance.


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