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Jay Shewan - BigTime

Jay Shewan

Wacek & Associates

Increase efficiency in QuickBooks like Wacek & Associates

"BigTime has helped us increase efficiency from start to finish. From onboarding a client to actually doing the work for them, drafting the invoice, and sending it to them, because of the cohesiveness of the program we're able to increase our efficiency in how we serve the client and how we bill them."
Ren Uriarte - BigTime

Ren Uriarte

PLATT Architecture

Get paid faster like PLATT Architecture

"BigTime Wallet offered us a way to get payments faster from our clients, and also eliminate any fees within electronic payments on the client end. The ease of creating invoices from time in BigTime and the formats were better than almost anything we’ve seen out there."
Reed Draper - BigTime Stories

Reed Draper

Draper and Associates

Increase productivity by 66% like Draper and Associates

"We were taking 60 days from the end of a period to get time and expenses in, approved, and the invoices out. Now, [with BigTime] we’re down to about 20 days."
Andrew Rossman - BigTime

Andrew Rossman


Seamlessly scale without growing pains like Globiox

"We have a bunch of tasks and subtasks for each one of our projects and a huge improvement that I've seen is less questions about, “What am I supposed to be doing?” on a project. So not only does it keep time for that task, but you can also identify the task that someone needs to work on and push it out through BigTime."
Ingrid Jansen - BigTime

Ingrid Jansen


Flip a switch to become DCAA compliant like Aradlyst

"People are always surprised when I talk to them about just how fast it is. We enforce time entry by midnight of the last day of the month, and the next morning managers approve the time, and we start generating invoices by lunchtime, get the approval, and get them out to the client by the end of the day. It's that fast."
Brandy Thill - BigTime

Brandy Thill

VP of Operations, North Labs

Increase revenue by 25% like North Labs

"BigTime has saved us money by being more efficient, it's helped us to be able to grow and expand, and now we’re seeing more revenue come in. From that, we can go after more deals which is obviously (happy face!) it’s all just kind of like that spiral."

92% of people who use BigTime say they are able to make more proactive business decisions.

For many it was love at first sight

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Reviews that speak for themselves

Easy & intuitive to use
“Creating and sending invoices is a snap, creating reports is simple and my users are no longer calling incessantly because they cannot navigate the platform."
Natalie K - BigTime
Natalia K.
Executive Assistant
BigTime was exactly what our new Civil Firm needed
"It is a great tool for the Civil Engineering industry as you can create custom labor categories specific to employees for invoicing purposes. Everything is hosted on the cloud which is really nice."
Chad C - BigTime
Chad C.
Principal at EDGE Engineering, PLLC
Major improvement over our current system
"BigTime has provided us with the tools to maximize our efficiency when entering time and expenses against consulting projects. It allows us to easily track hours and budgets against specific projects/activities, and it makes reporting a breeze.”
Daniel G - BigTime
Daniel G.
Co-founder | Solutions Architect at Rangeline Solutions
BigTime is ideal for billing and invoicing
"The PSA provided by bigtime is fast enough to deliver the deadlines of our projects within the estimated time. Bigtime has a good portal for billing, where you can implement billing for contingencies, schedules and subscriptions.”
Beatriz K - BigTime
Beatriz P.
Marketing Specialist at Amatech Inc.
Really good application and great customer support
"It is easy to use and powerful. It can do much more than what we need it for and yet it is reasonably priced. It is pretty user friendly, not a single complaint from our staff and so I think that I made the right choice. "
Lisa D - BigTime
Lisa D.
Office Manager/Systems Administrator
BigTime for our small architectural business
"After completing research on a timesheet system that would integrate with our QuickBooks desktop, I finally found BigTime. The firm did not want to leave QuickBooks and the other options were not as flexible as BigTime.”
Marie G - BigTime
Marie G.
Marketing/Controller at The OMNIA Group Architects

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