Raise Your Time Tracking IQ

No more billable hours slipping through the cracks. Goodbye lost revenue.


Customizable Timesheets

Time entry is easy and fast when your timesheet has just the fields you need, organized the way you like.

  • Daily or weekly timesheet views.
  • Add, remove and rename columns.
  • Mark fields as required.
  • User defined work week.
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly submission periods.
  • Automatic time entry rounding.
  • Lock completed timesheet periods.
BigTime IQ Timesheet Setup Screen

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Mobile Time tracking in BigTime IQ

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Mobile Time Tracking

Simplify time entry for your employees with mobile time tracking and capture more billable time.

  • Offline time entry that auto syncs when you’re back online.
  • Timers or manual time entry.
  • Native iPhone and Android apps.
  • Web-based browser adjusts to the size of your device.
  • Plus: manage expenses, access client and staff information from your device.

Review and Approvals

Take control of your review and approval process.

  • Approval workflows eliminate billing errors that create more work.
  • System-generated notifications to managers and staffers keep the review and approval process on track.
  • Flexible notifications channels; BigTime in-box, email, or Slack.
  • Managers can correct employee timesheets.
BigTime IQ Timers

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Timesheet Security Settings in BigTime IQ

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Timesheet Security Settings and Required Fields

Limit the timesheet information staffers see to reduce errors, speed up time entry, and control access to sensitive information.

  • Limit project views to simplify timesheet entry for staffers and 1099 contractors.
  • Set required fields to capture key information that staffers must complete before saving their time.
  • Managers can view timesheets for staffers in the departments they manage.

DCAA Timekeeping

Save yourself time and money with a smart audit trail that simplifies DCAA timekeeping requirements.

  • Audit log timestamps for each time entry.
  • Audit log notes required for changes and late timesheet entries.
  • Electronic signature upon submission of timesheets.
  • Timesheet review and approvals with electronic signatures.
  • Customizable audit log reports.
DCAA Timekeeping in BigTime IQ

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Smart Lookup Fields in BigTime IQ

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Smart Lookup Fields

Smart lookup fields reduce clicks and eliminate scrolling to get staffers in and out of timesheets fast.

  • Smart lookup shows only the fields you need.
  • Easy to enter, just tab.
  • Auto-complete presents possible values after you type the first few letters of a name or billing code.
  • 50 projects or 500, smart lookup shows you what’s relevant.