BigTime IQ Labor Code List for Architecture Firms
BigTime IQ’s Labor Code List
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Form follows function with unlimited customization.

  • Project-based time and billing software

    On your timesheet, with a timer, on our mobile app, or on your project dashboard, log time anytime, anywhere with BigTime’s easy-to-use interface. Capture billable and non-billable time for projects, phases, and tasks.

  • Project phases

    Create phases across multiple projects with customized work codes. Set targeted start and end dates and assign them to staff. Update the percent complete for billing and client reference as the project progresses.

  • Budgeting

    Group budgets hourly, by fee or expense. Project budgets update in real-time as staff logs time and expenses within BigTime.


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“It’s absolutely awesome what the BigTime tool can do. It makes our invoices and timesheets look exactly the way we want them to. We didn’t have to compromise or change the way we operated our business to accommodate the software. Instead, we made it bend to our needs.“

— Jon Sammer, Founder, AIA, LEED-AP, Users: 7


“The idea of a time and billing package that catered to the engineering industry really appealed to TAI. BigTime knew what information engineers typically enter, and which reports and templates would be most useful to us. We can now generate reports with real-time, up-to-the-minute data. “

— Mary Evans, Director of Human Resources, Users: 150

Better project, cost and task management by design.

  • Fee schedule (Custom Billing Rates)

    Assign fees to clients, projects, tasks, and staff globally or on a case-by-case basis.

  • Limited security access

    Limit projects/phases employees enter on timesheets and expense reports. Configure admin rights by department or project.

  • Review and approvals

    Delegate responsibility to department and project managers. Group by project or employee.

  • Project manager dashboard

    BigTime’s robust project management dashboard displays a comprehensive view of all of your firm’s projects. Filter results by phase type, stage, due date, or employee/department. Review staff utilization on projects and reassign tasks accordingly.

Invoicing and billing that meets A/E industry specs.

  • Limited security access

    Limit projects/phases employees enter on timesheets and expense reports. Configure admin rights by department or project.

  • Reporting

    Multiple templates give you limitless customization options, or simply use the reporting wizard to create one on-the-fly. Reports can be constructed with 200+ custom data fields and easily exported to a .pdf or .CSV file with a few mouse clicks. Grant reporting rights to user groups or limit to project assignees only.

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