Features: DCAA Compliance

Simplify DCAA Compliance

Be ready and worry-free with features that create a smart audit trail.

The ease of use, the phase budget tracking, the ability for field staff to capture time and expenses on the go! Knowledge base and expertise by support staff including online chat, report building, information access, metrics, remote use, PDF styles that can be tailored for each client as necessary.
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Enforceable Timesheet Restrictions

Time entry that’s easy for staff with built-in restrictions to protect your audit trail.

  • System prompt to add notes for auditing purposes
  • Verification process to show that time is not logged in advance
  • Set custom timesheet submission period
  • Lock timesheet entry beyond submission period
  • Select daily or weekly timesheet views
  • Log time in a web browser or on the BigTime mobile app

Review & Approval Workflows

Maintain an impeccable audit trail with built-in review and approval processes.

  • Enable manager review/approval notifications when timesheets are ready for review
  • Ability for managers and admins to edit certain timesheet fields like billable hours, rates, and notes
  • System requires an audit log comment from managers or admins who unlock time entry to edit a timesheet
  • Rejected timesheet entries are routed to staffer for correction when notifications are set up
  • Electronic signature required for manager to certify that timesheet and notes are approved

Customizable Reports

One convenient location for all DCAA audit log reports with easy-to-use filtering features.

  • Certified weekly timesheet report details all time entries, audit log notes and digital signatures
  • Expedite payroll process with billable timesheet reports
  • Customize existing reports with time audit log details

GovCon Accounting: Setting up a DCAA Compliant System and Budget

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