Be audit ready and worry free with features that create a smart audit trail.

Enforceable Timesheet Restrictions

Time entry that’s easy for staff with built-in change verification to protect your audit trail.

  • Log time using web browser or mobile app for iPhone and Android devices.
  • Select daily or weekly timesheet views.
  • System prompt to add notes for auditing purposes.
  • Verification process to show that time is not logged in advance.
  • Set custom timesheet submission period.
  • Lock timesheet entry beyond submission period.
DCAA Timesheet restriction

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DCAA timekeeping review & approval

Review and Approval

Maintain an impeccable audit trail with built-in review and approval processes.

  • Enable manager review/approval notifications when timesheets are ready for review.
  • Ability for Managers and Admins to edit certain timesheet fields like billable hours, rates, and notes.
  • System requires an audit log comment from Managers or Admins who unlock time entry to edit a timesheet.
  • Rejected timesheet entries are routed to staffer for correction if notifications have been set up.
  • Electronic signature required for manager to certify that timesheet and notes are approved.

Customizable Reports

One convenient location for all DCAA audit log reports with easy-to-use customizable features.

  • Certified weekly timesheet report details all time entries, audit log notes and digital signatures.
  • Expedite payroll process with billable timesheet reports.
  • Customize existing reports with time audit log details.

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mobile dcaa compliance

Mobile Timesheets

Simplify DCAA time entry compliance for your employees with mobile time tracking.

  • Native iPhone and Android apps.
  • Offline time entry that auto syncs when you’re back online.
  • Native iPhone and Android apps.
  • Mandatory notes.
  • Timers or manual time entry.
  • Managers can review and approve timesheets for staffers in the departments they manage.
  • Plus: manage expenses, access client and staff information from your device.