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Be audit ready and worry free with features that create a smart audit trail.


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If you’re a professional service firm working with the government, you’ll need more than a timesheet to do business. BigTime IQ gives you everything you need to set up a DCAA compliant audit log process for tracking time and job costs. You can also create a smart audit trail, saving you time, expense, and audit-induced headaches.


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Daily time tracking: easy for staff, easily verified.

BigTime IQ gives your staff members an easy way to track their time daily, along with a simple interface for making changes to that time without invalidating your audit trail. Not only can you keep track of time logged, you can verify that you’re preventing users from logging time in advance — a practice that can lead to a failed audit and lost revenue.

DCAA Timesheet restriction

Select between daily and weekly timesheet views in BigTime IQ, both enforce DCAA Compliance rules.

DCAA timekeeping review & approval

Built-in review/approval process that’s super flexible.

Our timesheet review and approval process couldn’t be more flexible. It lets you decide whether timesheets should be approved by person or by project. Plus, you can assign approval rights to multiple managers, who can review and approve entries one at a time or en masse. Because “close enough for government work” won’t cut it.

Produce the detailed reports the DCAA wants to see.

BigTime IQ comes with a ton of reporting enhancements that take advantage of the information your system collects in the audit log. Create a variety of comprehensive time and labor reports, including the critical Certified Timesheet report. You can choose from a number of different formats, each providing a week-at-a-glance review of timesheet core data, adjustments, user comments and electronic approvals — all on a single, beautiful page.


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DCAA Timesheet restriction

One of the most versatile audit-trails in the industry.

And your users don’t have to jump through hoops to activate it. While being DCAA-compliant requires you to log every change made to an electronic timesheet, BigTime IQ has several configuration options that let you tailor the audit-log rules to fit your accounting needs. What’s more, the entire log has been incorporated into BigTime IQ’s report engine, so you can add audit-log data to your existing staff and project reports. DCAA compliance is built right in.

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