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Updated: November 7, 2023
November 15, 2021
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table of contents
Agile & Remote Firm Management

Some things are tried and true. Your family recipes, favorite slippers, and even the values your firm holds in the way you do business.

Other things, as you know, expire. The world we live in today is moving so fast, which means software advances quickly. Resisting change only puts you further and further behind. In order to make sure your business is operating at peak efficiency, the software you use must be sharp and up to date.

We understand that with older installed software, much of your client, project, and time/expense data is tied to an on-premise solution. This can create challenges as your business adapts to an increasingly remote environment. These pain points may feel as basic as not being able to provide staff with a mobile-friendly option for tracking and managing time. It can also feel as heavy as an invoicing system that puts you behind on getting paid for the work already performed.

But have no fear! BigTime is here. (And we do a lot more that will catch your attention than cheesy rhythms) We are an online operational firm management platform that takes you all the way from tracking time to getting paid.

Keep reading to explore the benefits of converting to an online solution, and see our platform in action during a 10-minute demo above.

We promise it will be worth your time. In fact, to show you we really mean it we’re guaranteeing we’ll have you up and running by your next billing cycle.

As we know, things are moving quickly so there’s no time to waste. Let’s get into it.

Why other firms have moved to an online solution

Remember when you’d put in a CD (or even a floppy disk) to install software and your first thought was “well let’s hope this doesn’t crash the computer!”. Migrating to new software used to be a serious pain and honestly, risky. So what’s changed from when you installed your current time, project, and expense software on your desktop?

The short answer is a lot. Online solutions are easier to adopt and the risk is mostly gone. In fact, it’s actually much safer than staying with your current software.

The long answer is it means your firm can improve its operations in quite a few areas:


Never worry about your data. Store your confidential client information in the safest place it could live, take control over how accurate your data is, and keep it safe with today’s industry-standard security tools like log-in management, two-factor authentication, and built-in encryption. Take comfort in knowing BigTime is equipped with SOC 2 Type 1 compliance.

Remote management

Work on your terms. Check-in on your firm’s real-time data, or give your teams the ability to track time and expenses anytime they need, from anywhere their projects take them. Use your laptop, tablet, or mobile device to see the status of all your clients and projects, at a glance and in real-time, from a single app.


Accomplish more with less. Easily connect project progress data to your invoicing process and accounting system (including QuickBooks Desktop and Online and Sage Intacct) to simplify billing and get paid faster for your work. Within BigTime, you can also quickly analyze project data to plan for future work and team alignment.


Trust that your data is correct. Software that lives online is smart enough to update automatically, so your project and accounting data are always up-to-date, and your client’s data is always current. You can worry less, and focus more on your clients.

Ongoing improvements

Benefit from product releases. Speaking of staying up to date, as companies make improvements to their online solutions, installed software will remain static. By switching you are also signing up for ongoing enhancements so that you never fall behind again. At BigTime, we prioritize customer feedback when releasing product updates monthly.

Out-of-the-box reporting

Real-time insights for real-time action. Build custom reports that come right “out-of-the-box”. There’s no longer a need to request developers and shovel out the budget to gather reports. Now the power is at your fingertips to filter and customize data so you’re getting the insights you need, right when you need them.


Solutions that grow with you. Your firm’s software should never interfere with accomplishing your goals. BigTime is made to scale with you. No matter how big your firm grows with employees, clients or projects, we’re there to adapt.

Don’t just take our word for it

We’ve been delivering project management, time and expense tracking, and billing and invoicing solutions for thousands of professional service firms like yours on our cloud-based platform for nearly a decade.

One of our new clients, Gian G. came to us regarding his firm’s previous software saying, “We have realized just over I’d say the last month that we’ve been kind of kicking tires that it’s not where we would have expected it to be.”

Does this frustration sound familiar?

Gain shared with us that his firm had two main headaches, both of which made them feel like the software was not built for the way they work.

Reaching their limit in frustration with BillQuick, they attempted to switch to BQE Core.

“What started as a, okay, let’s just move to Core because it’s the cloud version of BillQuick, it’s been out for three years — it’s gotta have the kinks worked out, […] so we had them set us up at the test environment.”

But things quickly fell apart.

“They’re [BQE] not able to do customization to report templates and invoice templates. The ability to add detailed notes on our weekly invoices is a hard and fast requirement for us. Since that actually isn’t present in [BQE’s] invoice templates that they have, it’s not something that I could do. We did previously do it through report customization and since they also can’t do that, we’re looking elsewhere.”

After two failed attempts to successfully manage their firm through BQE, Gain decided it was time to search elsewhere.

“We need to rip this bandaid off quickly, so we want to make sure we’re at least putting the right bandaid on next.”

Now up and running on BigTime, we’re certain our solution can ease the pain points that Gain felt for your firm too.

Getting started

Picture this: 30 days from now all of your firm’s data is transferred and operating in BigTime. Your team can start inputting their time & expenses from anywhere, on any device.

Seems crazy?

While it may appear to be a big promise, it’s our commitment to you. That’s how confident we are in the value that BigTime will bring to your firm. You won’t miss a step…you’ll just be taking them more quickly now on modern, mobile solutions with a ton of additional features that’ll drive your business forward.

Our US-based support team in Chicago is excited about getting you up and running. They specialize in transitioning clients from older installed software to BigTime in 30 days after signing up, and we’ll help you step by step in the migration process.


Ready to get started?

Your time is valuable, we won’t waste it.

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