The timesheet app that thinks big picture.

From a small idea grew something big.

In the beginning our goals were modest: create a simple, easy-to-use software-based alternative to the monthly chore of filling out time sheets. Little did we know that the application ultimately would be embraced by small and growing businesses around the world. And become a marketplace for entrepreneurs to share, collaborate and exchange ideas.

Today, a hundred thousand users and counting rely on BigTime to capture more of their time, in less time. BigTime has replaced what was once a tiresome administrative task with an intuitive tool that helps businesses get control of their most precious commodity.

That was the beginning.

In 2002, our founder Brian Saunders built the software to help him manage his own professional services firm, in the process giving birth to our flagship product.

In short order it became clear that the software filled a void in the market and, soon, professional services firms in virtually every industry segment — from IT and engineering, to accounting and management consulting — began using (and loving) the product.

An idea had become an industry.

And in the 10 years since BigTime’s release more than 4,000 companies, from two-person start-ups to enterprises of 500-plus, have begun using the product.

Today, active customers across the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia rely on the software to track time and expenses, streamline operations, and transform their data into a kind of crystal ball that makes it easy to see where their businesses have been and, more important, where they’re headed. Taking advantage of a rich feature set that goes far beyond what we’d originally envisioned.

And we're far from done.

In fact, we’re just getting started. Our goal is to continue to expand our customer base and, longer term, grow beyond the software itself into a global community of users.

Creating an open forum in the space where entrepreneurs can come together to connect, collaborate and share best practices. Inspiring one another to find answers to questions that haven’t even been asked yet. And feeding that fresh thinking back into the development loop so that our customers become, alongside our own people, the co-creators of future BigTime products.

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