Why Some Professional Services Firms Scale and Others Don’t


Scalability isn’t a given for most professional services firms. Are you ready to fight against complacency? 

Watch our panel discussion to understand what striving for sustained excellence will look like for your business, and gain a playbook of strategies that will equip you to refocus your organization on growth. Collective54 Founder and BigTime Software CEO will be sharing their experience around: 

  • Scalable packaging of service options
  • Lead generation tactics 
  • Optimized project & resource planning
  • Action-driven insights from financial data

Please come prepared with questions! There will be 15 minutes for Q&A at the end of the webinar to dive deeper into the topics discussed.

View the Webinar:
Meet Your Speakers
Brian Saunders - BigTime
Brian Saunders
CEO, BigTime Software
Greg Alexander
Founder, Collective54
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