Panel Webinar: Dos and Don’ts for Streamlining Payments & Invoicing in 2024

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that a tighter and more streamlined payment process is the easiest way to retain and grow cash flow. The more automated and personalized the invoicing and payments process is for your clients, the faster you get paid, and the faster you can grow your business. 

But what can we expect going into 2024?

View our webinar where we sit down with Robin Belnap, Accountant/Office Manager at Reeve & Associates, Constance Hubbel, Financial Controller at AssistPro, and BigTime’s Chief Product Officer, Mark Johnson, to share their expertise in the payments + invoicing space.

Join our panel webinar to learn:

  • The efficiencies of switching to online payments for good
  • Changes in the payment industry and how to adapt 
  • How to vet payments processes in the market
  • Trends we’re noticing across the industry
  • What to expect going into 2024
View Webinar Recording:
Meet Your Speakers
Mark Johnson
Chief Product Officer | BigTime Software
Robin Belnap
Accountant/Office Manager | Reeve & Associates
Constance Hubbel
Financial Controller | AssistPro®
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