Explore BigTime + Sage: How PS Firms are Bringing GL and Project Oversight Together


The best software meets your needs where they are today and offers flexibility to support where you’ll be tomorrow. The BigTime + Sage integration isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach — we work in tandem to provide tailored solutions to many professional services firms looking for the data needed to make better financial decisions on their project delivery. 

With a variety of approaches to take, we’ve brought together a panel of BigTime and Sage Solution Consultants to help you evaluate the best path forward for your firm. 

View our webinar to learn: 

  • If you’re a good fit for BigTime, Sage, or both 
  • 3 ways we commonly see PS firms leverage the integration to scale 
  • Overview of how the solutions can work together
View the Recording:
Meet Your Speakers
Ben Mascow
Ben Mascow
Director of Solution Consulting | BigTime Software
Tom Maneloveg
VP of Sales, PS Industry | Sage Intacct
Greg Stone
Greg Stone
Principal Sales Engineer | Sage Intacct
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