Do’s & Don’ts for Better Invoicing & Payments Heading into 2023

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that a tighter and more streamlined payments process is the easiest way to retain and grow cash flow. The more automated the invoicing and payments process is for your clients, the faster you get paid – on time, every time. But what can we expect going into 2023?

We sat down with our in-house invoicing expert and Payments General Manager, Mark Johnson, where he shared his expertise in the payments space, key insight into trends he’s seeing across the industry, how professional services firms can adapt to those changes, and what we can expect going into 2023. 

Specifically, Mark plans to cover these hot topics:

  • The power in online payments and Next Day ACH
  • How to get clients to stop using checks… for good
  • Recession-proofing your invoicing & payments process
  • EOY stats and ROI trends
  • Bonus: A sneak peek into a new BigTime Wallet payments feature!
View the Webinar:
Meet Your Speakers
Mark Johnson
General Manager, Payments
Dave Carnie
Manager of Customer Success
Collin Tatone
Wallet Channel Manager
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