For small businesses, there are many accounting software and employee time tracking app options, but not many cater to the specific needs of professional services firms. For tracking time, materials, and generating invoices, many consulting and engineering firms rely on spreadsheets. Other firms and contractors rely on a mixture of different applications to generate invoices, reports, and track time for their employees.

So, what's the best time tracking app for small business? At BigTime, we’re offering a solution for time tracking software that integrates with QuickBooks Desktop and Online for your employee time tracking app usage.

The BigTime expense software and QuickBooks time tracker will allow users to stop wasting their time with more complicated applications. It’s simple to use but powerful enough to make an impact on all behind-the-scenes work you conduct. You’ll have the ability to make data entry simpler, complete with auto-fill timesheets to help with repetitive information. This makes BigTime the best time tracking app for freelancers, reducing the time spent in administration and providing you with the professional tools necessary to boost productivity.

BigTime’s QuickBooks integration has auto-complete, auto-save, and smart lookups for managers and will even allow them to set customized user rights. Plus, you can limit access to sensitive timesheet information to lessen errors and control visibility.

Another bonus of this software is that you have the ability to set required fields on forms that staffers know need to be completed. Our QuickBooks time tracker integration also offers the ability to use power project management time to stay on track with tasks at hand.

What’s more, you can define the appearance of your employee time tracking app work week and determine whether you want to use a weekly or daily timesheet. You can add, rename or remove any columns as necessary and make changes to submission times with approval reminders.

You can track your expenses as well to either a billable project for a client or internal records for projects and mark your expenses as non-billable, reimbursable, non-reimbursable or include service fees. Essentially, you can completely reconcile your bank statements with the use of the QuickBooks time tracker through BigTime. It will be the best time tracking app for small business that you’ve tried so far.

Free Time Tracking App That Integrates With QuickBooks

Although BigTime is not technically a free time-tracking app for employees, we do offer a free trial for our new users. As an official Intuit-Integrated Application, BigTime lets you easily sync with QuickBooks Online and Desktop to support your accounting process with the best free time tracking software. Integrating BigTime with QuickBooks eliminates double data entry and saves you time.

You can do the following:

  • Post expenses and timesheets to QuickBooks
  • Import historical data from QuickBooks for a simple implementation
  • Have your projects your way all of the time
  • Keep human errors at bay

Time Tracking Software That Integrates With QuickBooks Desktop

When it comes to time tracking that integrates with QuickBooks Online, you allow for zero human error to be introduced. That’s what we’re most proud of with this integration opportunity. Some more perks of using this QuickBooks integration include: 

  • Sync clients and projects with no downtime
  • Pull over company-specific labor and expense codes
  • Send invoices in a hurry if needed
  • Get invoices out the door and paid faster by automatically calculating hours, rates, and expenses
  • Invoice out of either system, giving you ultimate flexibility
  • Use your branded invoices in BigTime and then push to QuickBooks for record-keeping
  • An independent contractor time tracking template that offers self-employed individuals with a top-notch software solution

Tsheets Desktop App

QuickBook’s Tsheets is beneficial for employers because it allows accurate access of employee time tracking, and BigTime seamlessly syncs with QuickBooks Online and Desktop. No re-entry, no reconfiguration; you'll be up and running in just a few clicks. You can power up your accounting system with time tracking, billing, and project management information. QuickBooks Time puts GPS tracking and real-time employee monitoring at your fingertips. Use the Who's Working window to see where and what your employees are working on, in real-time, with the devices they already have. QuickBooks Time works with a variety of time clock kiosks, smartphones, tablets, and computers. Time data syncs directly into QuickBooks online or desktop software. QuickBooks Time lets you track time against different job codes to gain valuable business insights using reports and charts of various metrics, such as average time per job code or total hours worked by employees.

Although Tsheets intuit is a great tool through QuickBooks, our integration through BigTime offers a more sophisticated solution for small businesses with time tracking feeding directly into a more robust and customized invoicing system.

QuickBooks Time Tracking App

The time track app integration with QuickBooks is the perfect choice whether you’re working in the office or you’re a freelance worker out in the field. Intuit QuickBooks Time is the mobile app that helps hourly employees manage their time and track their hours. And when it’s time to run payroll, sync QuickBooks Time with your preferred solution — like Intuit QuickBooks Payroll.

And the process for tracking your time is so simple! How to use the QuickBooks time app, you ask? Follow these steps:

  • Clock in or out instantly from an Android or iPhone, even with no cell coverage, with QuickBooks Time. Take the time clock kiosk with you!
  • Managers can clock team members in and out individually or at once using our crew timecard app.
  • QuickBooks Time Projects helps you track labor estimates versus actuals. See the status of each project at a glance, and adjust as you go.
  • Schedule and publish shifts from anywhere. Set up notifications, so workers get alerts when you publish or update the schedule.
  • Signatures are required for project sign-offs. Employees can digitally add their signatures to timesheet submissions from their phones using the QuickBooks Time mobile app.
  • Track your paid time off, sick days, and holidays anytime, anywhere!

Independent Contractor Time Tracking App

The use of invoice billing software offers professional service firms of all sizes the ability to manage remote employees on a cloud-based platform. Employees track time, record expenses, and apply services to appropriate client and project accounts. All information is collected in a centralized, cloud-based location instead of on spreadsheets sitting on the employee’s personal computer. Managers can approve time, and accounting departments can bill clients for completed work.

Our broad range of clientele with BigTime has helped us improve processes for invoicing and time tracking with architects, consultants, IT services, accountants, and even engineers.

Professional invoice template design software can help companies brand their invoices and customize the invoice to fit their business. Accounting firms can bill at a different rate depending on the type of work being performed by using customized time and materials invoices. Engineering and construction firms often use time and materials billing, while marketing and creative firms often bill by project completion milestones. An online billing software platform must accommodate these different types of billing methods without the need to customize the software by using costly custom software developers.

Many accounting and bookkeeping systems include invoicing features. However, many do not provide the flexibility needed for professional services companies. Billing software must work with these primary bookkeeping tools to generate statements and reports for accounting purposes. Invoice software should integrate with customer-facing applications like customer relationship management (CRM) platforms and communications systems for messaging and conferencing.

As an independent contractor, freelancer, or any type of professional who could benefit from these services you can do the following:

  • Bill based on your needs. Choose from fixed fee and time & materials, custom or ‘mixed’ billing
  • Configure invoices based on client needs and brand with your logo, address, company colors, and more
  • Display budget status, expenses receipts, time entry notes, tax rates, and remittance information
  • Send invoices faster than ever
  • Connect your accounting software
  • Integrate with QuickBooks and Sage Intacct to enhance your existing AR workflows
  • Eliminate double data entry across systems
  • Configure your preferred billing method and post to your accounting system automatically
  • Forecast income with confidence
  • Experience a live look at your work-in-progress (WIP) with unbilled time and expenses
  • Proactively manage WIP to improve cash flow
  • See what you can potentially invoice every month
  • Select the WIP you want to bill by date range
  • Allow your clients to pay online
  • Stop waiting for checks in the mail
  • No more switching between invoicing and payment processing software
  • PCI-compliant security keeps sensitive data safe
  • Connect to QuickBooks for automatic payment postings
  • Predict your monthly revenue
  • Know when a client views an invoice
  • Enhance communication and transparency with your client

Improve Your Business Operations With BigTime’s Time Tracking Software That Integrates With QuickBooks

Wondering how to use QuickBooks time app or other key features of this robust platform? At BigTime, we understand how challenging it can be to streamline business processes for invoicing and tracking time for employees. Based in Chicago, our team is passionate about helping professional services firms with their management needs. We’re committed to helping clients maintain their services in the most efficient way we possibly can. Our partnership with QuickBooks is one that we believe will be beneficial to any business that wants to stay organized.