Accelerate Projects with BigTime’s Salesforce Integration.

Use BigTime’s Salesforce integration to keep your sales and project teams in sync, from proposal through project completion. Turn opportunities into clients and projects, and track budgets, financials, invoices, resources and monthly status automatically – letting your entire team keep track as your projects unfold.

Kickoff Projects Faster.

Consulting engagements are complex – with multiple iterations, stakeholders and team members influencing the finished product. BigTime’s Salesforce integration gives your team a platform for collaboration, letting them spend less time level-setting and more time charging forward.

When you’re ready to build out your estimates, your Salesforce Opportunity converts to a Project in BigTime automatically. So, your sales and project teams can work together from the get-go.

QuickBooks time tracking with BigTime
BigTime Project Details Integrated with Salesforce
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Salesforce Project Details Powered by BigTime IQ
Better allocate resources and plan for future work
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Build an Accurate Revenue Pipeline.

Use BigTime’s Salesforce integration to get a complete picture of how WIP, existing contracts and likely closes will contribute to monthly revenue.

BigTime is a full-featured project forecasting tool that sits right alongside your Salesforce instance — giving your team everything they need to prepare for the future.

Leverage BigTime Data in Salesforce Reports.

Not only will you get real-time budgeting information within your salesforce reports, you’ll see summary time/expenses data for each Opportunity as your users fill in and submit timesheets and expense reports.

As projects are invoiced and payments are processed, you’ll see those documents within Salesforce as well, right alongside budgets and original estimates — giving relationship owners instant access to detailed project-based information.

Salesforce reporting powered by BigTime IQ
Leverage BigTime Data in Saleforce Reports
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