Remote Firm

Easier Remote Firm Management

BigTime’s Professional Services Automation software enables teams to work smarter, increase productivity and remain aligned–from wherever you call the office.

84% of BigTime customers expect remote work options to be part of their company culture going forward.

Before BigTime vs. After BigTime

Let us break it down for you. See how BigTime customers compare the remote work day-to-day before BigTime vs. after BigTime.


Outside of the office it became difficult to communicate and collaborate on projects–draining our time on emails, direct messages, and conference calls to keep the team aligned.

We have gained hours back in our day thanks to seamless communication with a shared project dashboard that keeps everyone up to date in real-time, despite the increased distance between staff.

Say goodbye to project holdup with Slack notifications

Staff members receive alerts in Slack with links to their task dashboard. They know what’s expected of them, when it’s due and can shift or prioritize items.

Bridge the gap between finance and project management with budget notifications

It’s far better to know when you’re approaching budget than when you’re over. Simply set budgets in BigTime, directly track time and expenses to them, and receive alerts when you’re approaching, meet, or exceed the set budget.

Ensure stakeholder alignment and clear responsibilities with Gantt charts

Keep a pulse on dependencies and report on milestones to clients and leadership. Leverage resource allocation tools to see who’s the best fit for each task and available at the right time.

Having access anytime, anywhere has never mattered more.

Enable your firm to excel at their jobs.
Our review process while we’re physically dispersed is slowing things down.
Submissions and approvals are as simple as it can be–there’s no reason to slow down billable time turning into an invoice and cash.

Establish foolproof time and expense entry

Make it easy to build and encourage proper time and expense entry for your staff.

Streamline all internal reviews and approvals

Improve your workflow to keep engagements moving. Automate workflows in BigTime to streamline reviews, rejections, and approvals by setting up notifications in BigTime.

Over 90% of customers surveyed that they have been able to be fully functioning thanks to the help of BigTime.
Cash flow slowed down due to the time it takes to create invoices, send and receive physical payments.
Getting paid is quick and secure with custom-build invoice templates that include an easy way to pay online, effectively speeding up cash flow.

Creating invoices is a breeze with pre-built templates

Keep a seamless, professional experience for your clients with custom branded invoice templates and the payments page.

Automate the calculation of hours, billing rates and expenses

In just a few clicks, invoices will auto-populate with the desired line items for each client and managers can make corrections without print-out copies or numerous email attachments.

Accomplish timely payment to feed your bottom line

Give your clients the choice to pay electronically by adding an optional payment link to any invoice. Let BigTime Wallet help you get paid faster.

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Cloud based PSA software has never been more critical.