Flexible Architecture & Engineering Firm Management Built for the Way You Work

“The idea of a time and billing package that catered to the engineering industry really appealed to TAI. BigTime knew what information engineers typically enter, and which reports and templates would be most useful to us. We can now generate reports with real-time, up-to-the-minute data.”
Mary E.
Director of Human Resources, TAI Engineering

Work As a Team

Efficiently manage projects with real-time visibility into task statuses and budgets are a few clicks away. Gantt charts also keep team members connected to focus on project success with a defined critical path.

Manage Resources and Power Growth

Analyze your firm’s most valuable resources, and see where to improve your staffers’ efficiency with the utilization dashboard and reports. Increase project profitability with insights based on staff allocations and budgets.

Keep Track of Budgets

Have a constant pulse on the status of project budgets, POs, or NTE (Not To Exceed) amounts, using BigTime’s project management and reporting features. 

Flexible budgeting allows for you to pick from a blend of hourly or multiple fixed-fee bill rates, at milestone or percent complete.

Custom Reports and Insights

Turn your timesheets into custom-built reports that help you keep a real-time pulse on your firm’s health, and WIP, for projects and staff capacity. Keep data secure by controlling administrator-level rights by department, project, or staffer.

It’s absolutely awesome what the BigTime tool can do. It makes our invoices and timesheets look exactly the way we want them to. We didn’t have to compromise or change the way we operated our business to accommodate the software. Instead, we made it bend to our needs.
Jon S.

All the features you need and none that you don't.