Streamline processes with review and approval software

Spend less time waiting on approvals. Build a robust, multi-level approval process into your workflow to accelerate sign-off and drive efficiency.

Quick, easy, and effective approval software

A smarter approval process helps you catch small, but costly mistakes that save time and energy. 

With BigTime’s approval software, you can:

  • Create automated notifications that keep the review and approval process moving
  • Build in multi-level approvals for increased accuracy and fewer errors for accounting to correct later
  • Receive approval notifications in multiple channels so you never miss one, including your BigTime inbox, email, and Slack

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Quick, easy, and effective approval software
Approvals for timesheets, expense reports, and invoices

Approvals for timesheets, expense reports, and invoices

Control budget by requiring manager approval for project costs.

  • Include internal approval notes on timesheets, expenses, and invoices for subsequent reviewers
  • Ensure on-time delivery with full visibility into pending approvals for each document, as well as approval and rejection statuses
  • Track reviewer history to know who accepted or rejected an invoice

Accelerate project progress for on-time delivery

Simplify the approval process so sign-offs never delay a project.

  • Keep everyone in the loop with automated notifications when there’s an item to review, approve, or correct
  • Eliminate small errors that can lead to unanticipated delays
Accelerate project progress for on-time delivery

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"The PSA provided by BigTime is fast enough to deliver the deadlines of our projects within the estimated time. BigTime has a good portal for billing, where you can implement billing for contingencies, schedules and subscriptions. Manage lists of contact data. It offers a large number of templates for invoicing, and allows you to apply it online. It also has a convenient system of workflow approvals, and allows tracking to work time."

Beatriz P.

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What is approval software?

Approval software is a collaboration tool used to help automate internal operations. Once time and expense reports or an invoice are ready for manager feedback they can be sent through the software for approval to speed up this step of the workflow. Settings within the software can be selected for the reports to go through one or a series of approvals.

What is a review and approval process?

The review and approval process is the steps in which managers and stakeholders involved in a project provide feedback, comments, and signoff on a piece of content. The entire approval workflow can go through many versions and teams depending on the business need.

What is approval workflow software?

Approval workflow software streamlines the internal process of reviewing, providing feedback, and approving files for a project. This type of software is cloud-based making it an excellent tool for improving the operational efficiency of a dispersed workforce with remote teams.

What is an approval management system?

An approval management system is software used to improve the workflow of reviewing, giving feedback, and approving files related to a project. This software automates the steps within an internal approval process to increase the speed and efficiency with which work gets completed.

What is an approval process?

An approval process refers to the steps that are taken to review and approve work across the different internal stakeholders. Approval processes for professional services firms are set up to review time and expense reports and invoices before they are sent to the client.

How do I create a workflow approval?

Setting up an approval workflow for time and expense reports in BigTime is easy as one of our key features. Determine who you want to be responsible for approvals and if multiple approvals are required. Then on the settings under timesheets or expenses, you will see a picklist to select the primary approval, secondary approval, and final approval.

Why is an approval process important?

Approval processes are important to ensuring accuracy and reducing the risk of human error in project invoices and reports before sharing with a client. The review and approval structure improves client communication and experience, as well as increases the likelihood that a project is completed correctly and on budget.

What is approval automation?

Approval automation is done through an approval tool, like Professional Services Automation (PSA) Software. Within the software settings, you can assign an approval workflow for time/expense reports and invoices before being sent to a client. Once the reports or invoices are generated they are automatically sent to the necessary approvers in order to streamline revisions.