Streamline internal reviews & approvals

Eliminate the frustration of lost or missing timesheets, delayed expense reports, or approval requests and keep your engagements on time and on budget.

Quick and easy review & approval process

Checking timesheets eliminate billing errors down the line that create more work.

  • System-generated notifications to managers and staffers keep the review and approval process on track
  • Ensure the right people always review and approve before billing with multilevel approvals
  • Manager granted permission to correct employee timesheets
  • Flexible notifications channels: BigTime inbox, email, or Slack

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Quick and easy review & approval process
Approve expense reports

Approve expense reports

Gain manager approval of all expenses submitted to a project, for more control on spend.

  • Automated workflows streamline reviews, rejections, and approvals
  • Notifications alert managers and employees when they have expense reports to review, approve, or correct
  • Avoid embarrassing billing errors that create extra work

Accelerate project progress

Increase the accuracy in your teams work with a standardized review.

  • Streamline approval of project time and expenses to keep tasks moving
  • Eliminate embarrassing and time-consuming billing errors
  • Auto-reminders alert managers and employees when they have an item to review, approve or correct
Accelerate project progress

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"The PSA provided by BigTime is fast enough to deliver the deadlines of our projects within the estimated time. BigTime has a good portal for billing, where you can implement billing for contingencies, schedules and subscriptions. Manage lists of contact data. It offers a large number of templates for invoicing, and allows you to apply it online. It also has a convenient system of workflow approvals, and allows tracking to work time."

Beatriz P.

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