Proactive project management to keep your teams on track

BigTime helps project managers gain real-time visibility and actionable insights into their ongoing and upcoming projects.

Build budgets into planning.

BigTime streamlines project budgeting, time and expenses, and invoicing.

  • Compare projected budgets vs. actual hours
  • Set up tasks for each project and assign hourly, fee, and expense budgets
  • Keep track of project budgets, POs, or Not To Exceed amounts
Build budgets into planning.
Rely on better Gantt charts.

Rely on better Gantt charts.

Find opportunities to improve project efficiency with interactive Gantt charts that are powered by staff timesheets and hours.

  • Visualize timelines with dependencies, critical paths, and milestones
  • Empower project managers with a clear path to success and a quick view of potential roadblocks 
  • Analyze gaps in the chart to increase productivity of staff’s time and resources

Stay on time, every time.

Manage your workflows and map out your projects with the ability to see real-time task completion against schedules.

  • More accurately estimate and plan project deliverables and timelines
  • Track multiple projects at once and know if you’re on schedule
  • Assign certain staffers to project tasks and set due dates
Stay on time, every time.

Learn how to manage your projects using real-time data


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"If you are having trouble coordinating a group of employees and making sure they are staying on track and budget, this would be a useful program. The increase in efficiencies from management and budget tracking could alone pay for this program."

Travis M.

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