Features: Project Management

Put Projects at the Center of Your Team’s Universe

See the status of every project in real-time on a single dashboard.

The feature set to BigTime is 99% perfect. The software is fast and pretty easy to learn and adopt as an organization. What sets them apart is their terrific customer support and onboarding.
Chris F.

Budget & Task Tracking

Keep a constant pulse on the status of each task and its progress.

  • Setup tasks for each project and assign hourly, fee, and expense budgets
  • Keep track of project budgets, POs, or NTE (Not To Exceed) amounts
  • Control secure information with custom access rights for managers

Gantt Charts

Visually manage tasks and see where they fall in the larger project at hand.

  • Lay out your project on a timeline to show the length of tasks
  • See how each component of the project fits together with critical paths and dependencies
  • Easily spot tasks that work in a chain reaction or are dependent on certain resources
  • Set milestones of key events or accomplishments to measure progress
  • Analyze gaps in the chart to increase productivity of staff’s time and resources

Due Date & Workflow Management

Know where you are with every project based on its status and due date.

  • Assign staffers to project tasks and set due dates
  • Track multiple projects and know at a glance if you’re on schedule
  • Use custom statuses and task types to track your project workflow
  • Group, sort and filtering features allow you to drill down into the details

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