Capture Every Expense, Every Time

Track expenses in real time using a browser or your smart phone.

Integrated Expense Tracking

Every expense is tied to an internal project record or a billable client project.

  • Track expenses as reimbursable or non-reimbursable, non-billable, billable, and as service fees.
  • Capture internal or billable project expenses, mileage, or equipment use.
  • Capture receipts at the expense level.

Mobile Expense Tracking

Enjoy the convenience of easy, anytime expense tracking without the hassle of paper receipts.

  • Use your smartphone camera to capture receipts and attach to expense reports.
  • Capture expenses offline and auto-sync when you’re back online.
  • Manage expenses, access client and staff information from your smartphone.
  • User-friendly apps for iPhone and Android that display perfectly on your device of choice.

Expense Reporting Approval Workflows

Take charge of expense reporting with approval workflows.

  • Expense approval workflow streamlines review and approval.
  • Auto-notifications alert managers and employees when they have expense reports to review, approve, or correct.
  • Avoid embarrassing billing errors that create extra work.

Credit Card Charge Capture

Simplify reconciliation of credit card expenses and invoice billables earlier.

  • Assign credit card charges to projects for billing.
  • Apply corporate credit card charges to a project then post to QuickBooks as a credit card charge.
  • See the staff member and project associated with an expense.
  • Reconcile your bank statement using QuickBooks.
  • Bill credit card charges back to clients, showing detailed information: expense receipts, staff member, and project.

Flexible Invoicing Options For Expenses

Dramatically improve cash flow with timely billing of WIP, choosing from flexible invoicing options.

  • Submitted expenses are available for immediate review, approval and payment for timely billing of WIP.
  • Sub-total time and expenses by field of choice: staffer, labor code, task, and more.
  • Group expenses together in a summary line item or show each entry’s detail
  • Mark-up expenses like equipment use or recurring service fees.