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Capture every expense in real-time using a browser or smartphone.

BigTime caught my attention and it's because I can track and invoice the expenses to be aware of the final balance of the company, as well as allow me to create our clients precise, fluid budgets and in real time, incredibly accelerating my workflow, they like their expense reports and how you can store everything in one place, the time tracking feature is sensational, it develops with incredible speed, the control of the account has a nice design that motivates you to use it, which is important since we use it daily.
Gertie Jerry B.
Administrative Assistant

Integrated Expense Tracking

Every expense is tied to an internal project record or a billable client project.

  • Capture internal or billable project expenses, mileage, or equipment use
  • Track expenses as reimbursable, non-reimbursable, non-billable, billable, or as service fees
  • Capture receipts at the expense level

Credit Card Charge Capture

Simplify reconciliation of credit card expenses and invoice billables earlier.

  • Assign credit card charges to projects for billing
  • Apply corporate credit card charges to a project then post to QuickBooks as a credit card charge
  • Reconcile your bank statement using QuickBooks
  • Bill credit card charges back to clients, showing detailed information
  • See the staff member and project associated with an expense

Flexible Invoicing Options

Choose from flexible invoicing options to improve cash flow with timely billing of WIP.

  • Submitted expenses are available for immediate review, approval and payment
  • Sub-total time and expenses by field of choice: staffer, labor code, task, and more
  • Group expenses together in a summary line item or show each entry’s detail
  • Mark-up expenses like equipment use or recurring service fees

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