BigTime’s Time and Billing Software Features

BigTime IQ is designed exclusively for professional services businesses. It bundles industry best-practices and operational know-how into a single, elegant, easy-to-use online application that works with your mobile device and PC. Whether you have ten or thousands of employees, you will quickly discover that BigTime IQ is designed and engineered for the way you work.


Timesheet app in BigTime IQ
Timesheets in BigTime IQ
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Time tracking

Capture every billable hour to increase profits.

Streamlined, well-designed timesheets promote use. Include just the fields you need, organized how you like. Launch timers anywhere in BigTime, then fill in names and details later. BigTime IQ can be used as a PC, Tablet or Mobile timesheet app. Lightning-quick lookups let you enter names, billing codes, and more with minimal keying. Use grid or line item views. Learn More

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Mobile Timesheet App

Work on your Apple or Android device from anywhere.

  • Enter timesheets right from your smart device using efficient layouts you can customize.
  • Automatic timers – just tap to start and stop.
  • Review and submit entered time.
  • View client and staff information any time you need it.
  • Record and submit expenses on the go.

Requires a free trial account to use the apps.


mobile timesheet app
android timesheet appiphone timesheet app
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Task and engagement tracking

Track your projects while keeping your team on track.

Keep your projects on track with the task and engagement manager. Task summaries are available by status, staffer, due date, and last modified date so you can see your tasks spread over a variety of categories. BigTime IQ customers can use tasks to create and track budgets, and denote partial completion for real-time views and milestone billing. Lacerte® users can integrate with BigTime IQ to import engagements and sync statuses and other information across software platforms. Task types and stages are fully customizable, as is the task manager. You can add or remove columns to see the information that you need, when you need it.

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Engagement Dashboard in BigTime IQ
Engagement Dashboard
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Home Dashboard in BigTime IQ

Dashboard and workflow

Your entire firm at a glance.

BigTime IQ provides easy-to-read dashboards that reveal important information at a glance. The illustrated dashboards reveal billability status, pending invoices versus unbilled WIP, active tasks and engagements, and reviews and approvals of invoices and timesheets – and that is just the homepage dashboard. BigTime IQ offers detailed information at your fingertips with engagement, invoice, and report dashboards.


Advanced reporting

Intelligent reporting that can keep your team on the same page.

Create and edit reports on the fly and push them into Excel or PDF formats with a single click. BigTime IQ offers more than a dozen fully-customizable reports designed to address the needs of professional services industries – or you can create your own from scratch. Filter and group your data using the Report Wizard. It’s the kind of intelligent reporting functionality that can keep your team on the same page, your clients on board, and your business on track.

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IQ Report Center
Invoicing Dashboard in BigTime IQ


Flexible, one-click invoicing.

BigTime IQ’s invoicing engine makes client billing a no-brainer. Utilize several different invoice calculators and customizable PDF styles, industry-specific billing formats, and advanced rate and tax tables that can be modified to fit your specific needs. Create and view in a variety of formats and customizable filters before (and after) they are saved, posted to QuickBooks, or emailed to the client directly from the BigTime IQ system. Plus, each invoice is a living document, giving your managers instant access to the details they need, to answer client questions whenever they arise — and to head off problems before they impact customer relationships.

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Expense tracking

Stay on top of your bottom line.

Take control of your costs by first organizing them all in one place. BigTime IQ lets you review and approve every logged expense the moment it hits your accounting system, no matter where it originates. Expenses originating in QuickBooks can easily be synced over to BigTime IQ and vice versa, giving you one convenient place to view your whole expense picture. And because you can link each cost to a specific project, job, or client, you can see where any job’s budget stands in real-time.

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Expense Reporting Detail

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