How Digital Timesheets Can Get You Paid Faster 

Leanna Michniuk

Updated: June 24, 2024
June 17, 2024
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table of contents
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Digital timesheets offer numerous benefits that can help your professional services business get paid faster. By automating time tracking, streamlining invoicing processes, and enhancing accuracy, digital timesheets ensure that you can bill clients promptly and accurately, improving cash flow and financial stability. 

Why Excel is Hindering Your Time Tracking

Relying on outdated spreadsheets or templates for tracking important data comes with its own set of challenges. Here are some (of many) key reasons why using these tools may not be the best business decision:

Version Confusion: Having different versions of a spreadsheet can cause mistakes and missed billable hours, leading to lost money.

Hard to Manage: Keeping a spreadsheet updated is a lot of work and takes time away from more important tasks.

Not Flexible: Spreadsheets don’t adapt well to different business needs and aren’t as useful as specialized time tracking software.

Messy and Hard to Use: Spreadsheets can be confusing and make it hard to see all your important data clearly.

No Automation: Spreadsheets don’t have automatic reporting tools, making it difficult to create detailed reports and manage resources efficiently.

4 Ways Digital Time Tracking Can Expedite Payments

1. Faster Invoice Generation

One of the primary reasons for payment delays is the time-consuming process of generating invoices from employee timesheets. Traditionally, this involves manually collecting, reviewing, and approving paper timesheets, a process that is prone to errors and can take significant time. Digital timesheets streamline this process by automatically compiling time data directly into invoices. This automation ensures that as soon as employee work hours are logged and approved, the information is ready for billing. 

The reduction in manual steps not only speeds up the process but also minimizes the chances of human error, which can further delay payment. Additionally, many digital timesheet systems can automatically generate invoices in formats that are easy to send and that clients find easy to review and pay promptly. Learn about marketing professional services using custom invoices. 

BigTime’s Tip: Ensure that your digital timesheet software is compatible with your invoicing system to automate the process seamlessly. This integration allows for a smooth transfer of data and reduces the likelihood of errors during invoice generation.

2. Reduced Disputes

Disputes over billed hours are a common reason for delayed payments. Traditional paper timesheets can be vague and may lack detailed time tracking, leading to misunderstandings and disagreements with clients over the accuracy of the hours billed. 

Digital timesheets provide clear, detailed records of time spent on each task, along with timestamps and descriptions. This transparency means that clients can easily verify the work completed, reducing the likelihood of disputes. With precise and well-documented time tracking, businesses can provide clients with accurate invoices that clearly show the services provided and the associated costs. This clarity helps in resolving any questions quickly and facilitates faster payment.

BigTime’s Tip: Make detailed descriptions and notes for each time entry mandatory for all employees. This practice helps provide a clear picture of what was done and why, making it easier to resolve any client queries and reduce the chance of disputes.

3. Improved Cash Flow Management

Effective cash flow management is crucial for maintaining the financial health of any business. Digital timesheets contribute to this by ensuring that time data is up-to-date and invoices are sent out promptly. Businesses can better predict their cash flow needs because they have real-time access to accurate data regarding work hours and billing. This timely billing and quicker payment cycle means that businesses have a more predictable inflow of cash, reducing the reliance on credit or overdrafts. 

With a steady flow of funds, businesses can meet their financial obligations more effectively and plan for future investments with greater confidence. The ability to see when payments are due and when they are expected allows for better financial planning and stability.

BigTime’s Tip: Regularly check your timesheet data to forecast cash flow. Use the up-to-date information from your digital timesheets to predict cash flow needs and plan for times when funds might be tight.

4. Automated Reminders 

Late payments can disrupt a company’s cash flow and lead to additional costs. Some digital timesheet software includes features that automate the process of sending reminders to clients about pending payments. These automated reminders are set to notify clients at predefined intervals, ensuring that invoices are not forgotten. The reminders can be customized to be sent before the due date, on the due date, and after the due date if the payment is still pending. This reduces the administrative burden on your team members, who no longer have to manually track and chase late payments. 

Automated reminders can also include payment links and instructions, making it easier for clients to complete their payments promptly. By keeping the payment process in front of the client’s mind, businesses can significantly reduce the time it takes to receive payments and improve their cash flow.

BigTime’s Tip: Customize your reminder messages to be polite and informative. Include details such as the amount due, the payment deadline, and instructions on how to make the payment. This approach makes the reminders more effective and helps maintain a good relationship with clients.

Choosing the Right Digital Timesheet Software

BigTime is designed for professional services, offering an easy way to log time and expenses while providing powerful reporting features. Ditch the complex spreadsheets and manual methods — BigTime simplifies operations so you can focus on what matters.

BigTime Makes Tracking Time and Expenses Easy:

  • Quick Entries: Auto-fill repetitive data, auto-save, and use smart lookups to speed up entries.
  • Control Access: Limit what employees see to reduce errors and protect sensitive information.
  • Mandatory Fields: Ensure required fields are filled before saving.
  • Flexible Submission: Optional lockout periods for approvals.
  • Expense Categorization: Mark expenses as reimbursable, non-reimbursable, billable, or non-billable.
  • Easy Integration: Apply credit card charges to projects and sync with QuickBooks.
  • Mobile App: Log time and expenses on the go with our user-friendly employee time tracking app available for iOS and Android.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Timesheets

What are digital timesheets?

Digital timesheets are electronic versions of traditional paper timesheets used to track the hours worked by employees. They are often integrated with various software platforms that automate time tracking, approval, and invoicing processes. Unlike paper timesheets, digital timesheets offer a range of features such as real-time tracking, automatic calculations, and data integration.

How do digital timesheets work? 

Digital timesheets enable employees to log their work hours via a desktop application or a mobile app. The data is stored in a central system, which can then be accessed by supervisors for review, approval, and integration with payroll systems.

What are the benefits of using digital timesheets? 

Digital timesheets offer many benefits, including improved accuracy in time tracking, reduced administrative burden, faster payroll processing, real-time data access, and better compliance with labor laws and regulations.

How can digital timesheets help with compliance? 

Digital timesheets help ensure compliance by maintaining accurate records of employee work hours, which is crucial for meeting labor laws and audit requirements. They also provide audit trails and detailed reporting. Learn more about DCAA-compliant timekeeping.


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