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Get visibility into how today’s decisions impact future operations. Increase profitability, balance teams’ workload, and meet market demand.

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Foresight is here.

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With BigTime Foresight, you can easily…

Empower people, improve service delivery, and increase project profitability.

Balance team’s workload

Compare project plans to service delivery goals and build effective teams.

Model profitable scenarios

Maximize projects’ profitability by choosing the best resource plan.

Bring teams together

Keep delivery, finance, and sales teams in sync with live reporting.

Get a full picture

Gain clarity and control of resource availability with a unified view of your people.


Balance your team’s workload on the fly


Model profitable scenarios with confidence

Get access to profitability and workload analysis instantly

Enable BigTime Foresight and enrich your existing data instantly.


Get a full picture


Bring teams together for solidified decisions

Owning the future comes with greater results


profitability increase by modeling more profitable scenarios


billable hours increase with real-time analytics


cut in administrative tasks with data unification

“BigTime Foresight allows us to easily visualize the work of our team members and intelligently balance their workloads in the rapidly changing environments of R&D projects we realize.”
Peter Lebryk
Co-founder, Summer Agency

Keep operations, finance, and sales teams synced

With BigTime Foresight, you can easily:

  • Balance team workload, increase project profits, and fulfill market demand
  • Identify project budget overruns
  • Control service delivery goals
  • Oversee operations from a high-level perspective
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With BigTime Foresight, you can easily:

  • Oversee operations from a high-level perspective
  • Make sure your services are delivered on time and within budget
  • Empower people so they can empower your firm
  • Build bulletproof and scalable organization
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With BigTime Foresight, you can easily:

  • Compare project profit plan vs tracked in real-time
  • Examine various profit dimensions
  • Keep under control projects’ profitability and react before it’s too late
  • Control costs of unutilized people and overheads
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With BigTime Foresight, you can easily:

  • Avoid schedule conflicts to perfectly balance team’s workload
  • Be ahead of any upcoming event such as PTOs, and holidays
  • Sync with sales and finance teams to make solidified decisions
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Designed for visibility and ease of use

“Our managers finally have the clarity about who is working on which project and for how long. They no longer need to schedule meetings just to update each other about resource availability.”
Kumar Pranay
Associate Manager of Business Excellence, Altudo

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