Product Tour: Financially Minded Project Management

Outside of the office, it can be difficult to communicate and collaborate on the various projects your firm is managing. You end up draining time on emails, direct messages and conference calls all to just try and keep the team aligned.

Good news is… there’s a better way.

Watch our webinar to see first hand how you can get hours back in your day and increase productivity thanks to real-time, shared project dashboards that keep your team on the same page, despite the increased distance between staff. 

We’ll show you how you can:

  • Keep a constant project pulse with budget and task tracking
  • Financial reporting within your project dashboard
  • Visually manage tasks and share milestones using Gantt charts
  • Know where you are with every project with due date and workflow management
  • Avoid communication roadblocks with Slack notifications
Learn how to bridge the gap between project management & finance:
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