The industry’s most powerful QuickBooks Time Billing integration. Period.

As an official Intuit-Integrated Application, BigTime IQ was designed to sync seamlessly with all QuickBooks versions, including QuickBooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop (QuickBooks Canada with IQ Enterprise). All client, project, financial, and timekeeping data is easily synced across the different software that you use with just a few clicks of the mouse.
QuickBooks time tracking with BigTime
QuickBooks sync settings in BigTime IQ
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Hassle-free QuickBooks integration

BigTime IQ’s integration with QuickBooks is easy and safe. BigTime IQ will never alter the data and settings that exist in QuickBooks and we use Intuit’s own products to transfer data, including the Intuit cloud. Users can manage the QuickBooks integration from the BigTime IQ integration screen for convenient and hassle-free data management.

Invoice from QuickBooks or BigTime

Post timesheets and expenses to QuickBooks via the BigTime Sync Agent to bill clients and run payroll. (QuickBooks Online users do not require the Sync Manager). For users that prefer to invoice from BigTime IQ, the system allows them to post invoices into QuickBooks for record-keeping or further processing.
Post timesheets and expenses to QuickBooks via BigTime IQ
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QuickBooks data import wizard in BigTime IQ
QuickBooks data import wizard in BigTime IQ
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Import QuickBooks timesheet and invoice history

Manually import timesheet and invoice history from QuickBooks to BigTime IQ by setting a specific time period and client – or choose to import all historical data. BigTime IQ lets you control what data is imported or exported so users can customize their project views.

Sync QuickBooks clients and projects

Say goodbye to re-entering QuickBooks information into 3rd-party project & practice management software. Don’t waste valuable time on grunt work. Sync active clients and projects directly from QuickBooks into BigTime IQ so you and your staff can get real work done with no interruptions and zero downtime.
QuickBooks sync in the BigTime IQ dashboard
QuickBooks sync in the BigTime IQ dashboard
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Quickbooks integration with BigTime IQ
Labor code list in BigTime IQ
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Sync QuickBooks service & expense codes

Syncing QuickBooks with BigTime IQ also imports all of the labor and expense codes that your business uses in QuickBooks. Imported codes are automatically linked to their QuickBooks counterparts so your staff can continue to log time against those codes without missing a beat. BigTime IQ administrators can also delete, create, and re-link any expense or labor code (called a service item in QuickBooks).

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