A professional services firm can function more efficiently when its staff has access to all the tools and resources they need to succeed. Project management software for consultants is one tool that can provide a very useful service for professional services firms. By implementing the best project management software for resource management, your firm could gain access to many different benefits that could potentially boost productivity and efficiency by a considerable degree.

BigTime’s SaaS project management software is designed specifically for the professional services industry, especially firms that deal with accounting, architecture and engineering, creative government contracting, consulting, IT services, and law. Project management software for resource management can help project-based and billable time professional services firms by automating the manual tasks that take up staff’s time. Automating tasks where possible can allow staff to focus their attention and efforts on more important initiatives.

Another way that project management software with resource management capabilities can benefit professional services firms is by providing increased visibility into how and where resources are being utilized for each project. Firms can use project management software to optimize staff capacity and make sure that the right people are assigned to the right jobs. By improving visibility with project management software for resource management, professional services firms can streamline scheduling, skills matching, course correction, and data-driven decision making.

Project management software can also be used to manage projects proactively. Doing so can help keep projects on track and ensure that projects are delivered on time. By using project management software, professional services firms can leverage real-time visibility and actionable insights to manage and improve both upcoming and ongoing projects. Project leaders who use project management software with resource management could have an easier time building budgets, creating effective Gantt charts, and keeping projects on time.

What Is Resource Management?

Resource management is a very important aspect of any successful professional services firm. But what is resource management? It’s important to make sure you are familiar with what resource management entails so that you have a clear idea of what your goals should be. Project managers at professional services firms who understand the importance of resource management and how to do resource planning can use these skills to keep projects on track. One way to improve your resource management abilities is to consult resource management plan examples to see how it should be done.

Another way that project managers can improve their ability to manage resources is by implementing resource management software. Software solutions like the one offered by BigTime can use automation and organizational tools to help project managers allocate and manage resources more effectively. With project management software, professional services firms can prevent scheduling inefficiencies such as over or under-scheduling. The software can allow project managers to view the availability of each staff member to determine who is eligible to work on which projects. It can also make it easier for project managers to determine how much time should be allocated to complete each project. One benefit of this capability is that it can ensure that team members are not being overworked, which can reduce turnover rates.

Resource Capacity Planning Tools

Knowing how to allocate the right number of people for each job is important at a professional services firm. Resource capacity planning tools can make it easier to see exactly which team members are available to work on which projects and how much time should be dedicated to each one. This can benefit professional services firms by helping them keep projects appropriately staffed and preventing them from overworking staffers. The best capacity planning tools can contribute to better team morale and a lower turnover rate by helping firms maintain reasonable workloads for each staffer.

A resource capacity planning tool can also increase visibility into billable hours for each project. Project managers can view billable vs. non-billable hours and compare budgeted hours against actual hours worked all within the software’s dashboard. These insights could be used to help keep staff engaged and decrease the amount of bench time for each staff member. 

Another use for capacity planning tools in operations management is skills matching. Professional services firms can use resource capacity planning tools to identify the best staffer for each different job. Every job is unique and likely requires a specific set of skills. A capacity planning tool can enable project managers to easily determine which staffers possess the strengths or qualifications that are best suited to the job at hand.

Project Resource Management Tools And Techniques

Sometimes, the key to effective resource management is using the right resource management tools and techniques. One of the tools that professional services firms can use to improve their resource planning in project management is project management software like BigTime. Project management software can help professional services firms make the best use of their resources by enabling them to keep better track of each of their staffers’ unique skill sets. They can even rate staffers on a numeric scale that is visible only to the project manager. This can help project managers monitor which staff members are the most effective when working on which kinds of jobs. If your professional services firm is already using a different program or method for tracking staff members’ skill sets, you can easily integrate them with BigTime’s project management software with a CSV template.

Professional services firms can also use project resource management tools and techniques to improve their ability to course correct. With project management software, project leaders can get a comprehensive overview of how team members are allocating their time and resources and make decisions and changes in real-time. The software can display details according to budget, billable hours, or total input, and metrics regarding staff utilization can enable project managers to make projections about future resource allocation.

Best Resource Planning Tools

The best resource planning tools enable professional services firms to make decisions based on data. Project management software can make it possible to inform hiring decisions with data. The right resource planning techniques can help project managers gain a clearer picture of staff capacity and a better understanding of who should be hired and when. Resource management software can allow project leaders at professional services firms to view which staff members are assigned to which projects. It can also provide full visibility into each department, staffer, or role’s utilization metrics.

Using software tools for resource planning has many benefits. One of them is the ability to build charts that can enable you to conveniently compare budgets against actual spending over a period of time, and even view month by month efficiency graphs. Professional services firms that use project management software to improve their resource planning techniques could have an easier time managing tasks such as time and expense tracking, billing and invoicing, payment processing, project management and workflows, reporting and analytics, integrations, and more.

Best Resource Management Software

Professional services firms can use resource management software to improve their ability to effectively manage projects and keep them on track. The best resource management software comes with many different features and can provide numerous valuable benefits. One benefit of the resource management tools offered by BigTime is the ability to build project budgets more efficiently. Project budgeting, time and expenses, and invoicing can all be improved and made more efficient with the use of project management software. Project leaders can also use resource management software to create tasks for each different project and assign the appropriate kinds of budgets to each one. The software can also be used to monitor different aspects of each project budget such as Not To Exceed amounts or POs.

BigTime’s resource management software can also make it possible for professional services firms to build better Gantt charts. The software can be used to create interactive charts out of staff’s timesheets and hours, which can potentially enable resources for that project to be allocated much more efficiently.

Team Planning Software

Some project management software can also help professional services firms develop better team management tools and techniques. The best team management software can provide extended visibility into ongoing projects as well as upcoming projects and make it considerably easier for project managers to keep track of which staffers are available to work on which projects and at which times. With team planning software or a team planning app, professional services firms can keep their staffers fully engaged and reduce the amount of time they spend on the bench. 

Team planning software could also be used to help project managers match team members with the best projects for them to work on. Every team member has a different set of unique skills to offer, and project management software like a team management app can enable project leaders to use each one of their staffers’ skill sets to its fullest potential and greatest benefit. Some team planning software allows project managers to keep track of different skill sets by grouping staffers into configurable categories according to whatever system makes the most sense for each different professional services firm.