Elevate Your Business IQ

Leverage the data you’ve collected into real-time reports and capture the state of your firm’s performance.

Customizable Analytics

It’s easy to find, customize or create the reports you want to see.

  • Use built-in tools to customize reports.
  • View Related Reports to see different built-in field options you may prefer.
  • Copy and customize an existing report.
  • Create a custom report from scratch, using filters and grouping/search options to refine your metrics reporting.
Customizable Time Reporting
Project reporting, staff reporting

Project and Staff Performance

See pending project tasks and know staff realization right after timesheet entry.

  • View due dates for each task, percent complete, and assigned staffer.
  • See staffer hours input divided by billable hours for insight into billable utilization.
  • Know which employees entered time within a specific date range.
  • Know which employees generate the most revenue and identify those who need coaching.

User-defined Access

Manage report permissions, restricting access or sharing reports with User Groups.

  • Simplify report viewing permissions by User Groups, like Managers for example.
  • Restrict access to reports by client or project, with more filtering options.
  • Streamline report distribution by creating report sharing groups.
  • See a list of all available reports by specific categories in Report Center.
User Reports
Project Reporting Export

Exportable File Formats

Share and publish reports in the format you prefer.

  • Use Export feature to share, save, and print reports.
  • Apply live filtering to a report, and export that view.
  • Set page breaks on an exported PDF report using the grouping/setting editor.
  • Easy export to Excel, PDF, or Word.