Optimize team performance

BigTime’s Resource Management software provides full visibility and control over your staff and project resources.

Assign staff to a project staff based on skillset

Avoid over/under-scheduling across your project portfolio

  • Allocate resources based on skills, experience, and availability to increase billable hours and profitability
  • Forecast resource demand with precision based on project pipeline and business strategy
  • Create flexible workflows that support Resource Management Offices or distributed Resource Management teams
  • Monitor resource productivity in real-time to support continuous improvement

Strategically assemble strong project teams

  • Match skills and competencies to projects based on detailed staff records
  • Group skills in categories configured to what makes the most sense to your firm
  • Account for PTO and global holidays when allocating tasks to resources
  • Monitor skills gaps and identify training needs to support individual growth and career progression

BigTime customers see a 52% average increase in productivity.

Big-picture views to course correct in real-time

  • Visualize resource availability, capacity, and utilization with customizable dashboards
  • See project breakdowns by budgeted, total input, or billable hours
  • Compare estimated resources with actuals to increase billable time and see ROI in real time

Make data-driven hiring decisions

  • Improve hiring by forecasting skills requirements for upcoming projects 
  • Prevent underutilization by monitoring metrics based on department, role, or staffer
  • Build charts to measure budgets vs actuals over time, including efficiency graphs by month

Streamline your resource management process with integrations

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“BigTime helps us as owners solve our problem of knowing how productive our staff is and how profitable each job is at any given time without spending hours figuring it out.”
Maureen Kraemer
Kraemer Design Group LLC

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