Getting Started with BigTime: How We Onboard Your Team In Record Time

Trilby Lawless

Updated: November 10, 2023
May 14, 2020
table of contents
table of contents
How We Onboard Your Team In Record Time


The phrase time is money rings especially true for the professional services industry. We know how valuable it is for you to make a swift transition to a new time and billing software, and we’re proud to say that BigTime has the highest implementation score of our competitors and the fastest go-live time of 1.4 months. 

The following post outlines the typical process for joining BigTime and utilizing the tool as quickly as possible. Please note that this is an example of the process. If you choose to become a user of BigTime, your onboarding will be customized to best fit your needs and size. Our Customer Success Team will work with your firm to structure the most efficient onboarding process covering all the features desired, and looping in different roles and departments at the right time. 

Most new clients receive 5 hours of initial training with our Customer Success Team, pending their product tier. The hours consist of the set onboarding calls, as well as follow up in between calls to make sure everything is running properly before proceeding to the next step in training. 

Kick-off Call

The kick-off call is a great way for all stakeholders at your firm to be introduced to our team and get a better understanding of the training process for BigTime. This initial step is not required but strongly encouraged to help everyone start off on the same page. 

What’s covered during the call:

  • Introduction to your dedicated Customer Success team member and their role
  • Review of how many training sessions you’ll receive
  • Expectations for the onboard training sessions, which team members should join the calls, and the timeline
  • Review your needs and ensure training includes any specific requests for your business
  • Confirmation of the date your BigTime site will go live

Onboarding 1 

Within your first 2 weeks of joining BigTime, the first onboarding session is conducted. This meeting is approximately 60 minutes. 

Agenda for your first training call: 

  • Initial admin setup of your BigTime site
  • Setting up projects, including a breakdown of tasks/phases for budgeting purposes
  • Adding your staff members and inviting them to your BigTime site
  • Finalizing your bill rates
  • Setting up time and expense entry
  • Tutorial on how to enter time and expenses
  • Regulating permissions and security settings for your site

Onboarding 2

After your team has had time to work hands-on with all the items covered during the first onboard session, onboarding 2 is scheduled. This typically takes place within the first 30 days of joining and is another 60-minute meeting. This call is less structured than onboarding 1 and we invite you to come with specific questions and custom needs. 

Agenda for your second training call:

  • Go over outstanding workflow questions predetermined before the call
  • Tutorial of invoicing
  • Review accounting integration
  • Run through our reporting functions

Onboarding 3 – Premier

For our premier clients, onboarding 3 covers all the product features included in this product tier. Another 60-minute call, you’ll gain a better understanding of how to use the resource allocation and utilization dashboard, as well as, how all the features come together to give you valuable insights. 

Agenda for your premier features training call:

  • Set up resource allocation
  • Review utilization dashboard
  • Create allocation reports
  • Set up revenue projections
  • Understand custom cost rates
  • How to use multi-level approval
  • Review integration with Salesforce

Once you’re all set to begin using BigTime, you can always contact us for any future needs or training inquiries. The Success team hosts a weekly webinar covering different areas of the platform including reporting, invoicing, project management, premier features, and release updates. Attending these sessions live or watching on-demand are a great way to onboard new hires or as a refresher for your team. 

BigTime Reviews:

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