IT consultants time tracking software that makes you a master of your domain.

Whether you’re managing networks, building software, or implementing enterprise systems, BigTime IQ provides the backbone your team needs to stay on top of client requirements. Our diverse base of IT customers lets you leverage the know-how of scores of users already using BigTime IQ to manage budgets, time tracking, expenses and project status.


BigTime IQ was wired to be customized.

BigTime IQ offers 30 timesheet formats, user-definable triggers for key events (OnInvoiceCreate, OnTimesheetSubmit, OnRateCalculate, etc.), dozens of optional system transformations (that tailor the database to your unique needs) and a standard SQL Server database, so your team can quickly integrate your time/expense/task data into their everyday.

Bigtime Customization Feature

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Harry Haramis Photo Harry Haramis President, C2 (Users: 20)

“Ever since adopting the software, we’ve never looked back. BigTime not only met our requirements but opened our eyes to 20 other features that we could use to enhance productivity. We’ve taken advantage of the app’s workflow and functionality to take our business to the next level.”

Kelly Pralle Photo Kelly Pralle Chief Financial Officer, CDP (Users: 100+)

“BigTime has helped us a lot from a time-tracking efficiency standpoint. It allows managers to view and track the time of the people they manage. And it definitely frees up my schedule, because earlier I was the one doing it all. The software is really helping us optimize our business processes.”


Dashboards are loaded with project-specific info.

BigTime IQ lets your team track more than project status. There is a built-in diary for regular updates on project status; a document repository for requirements, UI specifications, system architecture details and more; a flexible set of phase or task-based budgets; and a complete history of time entry, invoicing and expenses for every project.

Lacerte Engagement Manager

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BigTime Total Access for PC or Mac

Total access for PC or Mac, in-house or off-site.

BigTime IQ is a SaaS solution. That means no security restrictions, and a total access solution for all of your employees: whether they’re working in-house or off-site, on a PC or a Mac.

Estimates that get clients with the program.

Get estimates and invoices that bring to the table beauty and brains. When you create an estimate in BigTime IQ, you get more than a professional-quality project specification for your clients to sign off on. You get a living document that can be used to track that project at every stage as it moves through production.

BigTime Extimation Feature

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