Customizable Timesheets

Customize your timesheet, making it as simple as you want or as detailed as you need with a few clicks of the mouse.

Daily or Weekly Timesheet Views.

  • Enable faster timesheet entries with user-selected views that eliminate retyping of duplicate information.

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Weekly Timesheets
Daily Timesheets

Add, remove, and rename columns.

  • Tailor your timesheets to easily capture just the right level of detail using terminology familiar to your industry.

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Edit / Add Timesheet Columns

Mark fields as required.

  • Achieve consistency in reporting when you let the software enforce your company standards in a user-friendly way.

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Timesheet Required Fields

User defined work week.

  • Pre-set the start of your work week to get your staffers in and out of their timesheets faster, with fewer errors.

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Define Timesheet Work Week

Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly submission periods.

  • Your timesheets are always aligned with your payroll and billing cycles, streamlining your internal business processes.

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Timesheet Submission Period

Automatic Time Entry Rounding.

  • Improve client satisfaction with consistent time entries that increase realization.

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Time Entry Rounding

Lock completed timesheet periods.

  • Improve the accuracy of your accounting, capture all billable time within a submission period, and lower audit costs by setting a timesheet lock date.

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Timesheet Lock Period