Resource Allocation

Maintain a clear picture of where your whole organization stands


Project and forecast revenue

  • Hourly (Rate*Budget) revenue projections are based on a staffer’s hourly billing rate.
  • Create a customized report to get hourly projections for your staffers. Predict the revenue a staffer will generate next month.
  • Fixed fee (% of Overall Budget) revenue projections are based on the fixed amount that’ll be billed to the client for the work you do or services you provide.
  • Create a customized report with fixed fee projections. Find out how much revenue your staff is expected to generate over the next three months.
Resource allocation and Project Forecasting

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Resource Allocation Planning

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Plan for future work, by individual or role

  • Allocate staffers’ hours based on capacity.
  • Determine if you need to hire more people.
  • Keep staffers busy and engaged, but not overworked.
  • Stay organized, especially when managing multiple clients and staffers.

Run reports

  • Get summary or detailed information on staff productivity and project performance.
  • See how the many parts of your business fit together.
  • Notice which staffers are constantly going over budget.
  • Anticipate future hiring needs.
  • Determine if time is being spent on the right projects.
Reporting feature

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project management budget tracking

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Manage projects effectively

  • Hit established deadlines and stay on budget.
  • Keep clients informed of project statuses.
  • Determine if you can take on more work when you get client requests.
  • Move staffers among projects, so you have the right team to get the job done.