Use BigTime’s Pre-Built Time Reporting

  • May 08,2018

Put the data you generate in BigTime to good use with our pre-built time reporting. They’re an easy way to get details on a variety of topics, including projects, tasks, resource allocation, and invoicing. Plus, you can customize a pre-built report by adding or removing columns, or adjusting the date range.

These reports also make sharing information convenient. Generate a task report to use in your staff meeting. Email an invoicing report to a client. Or create a pre-built resource allocation report to help plan for the quarter ahead. Read on to learn how to access and customize a pre-built report, and the type of reports available to you.

Find pre-build reports in your Report Center (Reports….Report Center). At the top of your window, you’ll see four categories: Time Tracking, Invoicing, Payroll, and Task List. Each category has its own tile and several pre-built reports. (NOTE: Click the tile with the magnifying glass to make a custom report).

Let’s look at the Time Tracking tile as an example of the pre-built reports you have access to (see image below).

Under this tile, notice a pre-built report titled Timesheet Summary by Date Range (see image below). Click View Report to view it. This summary report shows you timesheet data by client, staff member, and categories for a specific time period.

Edit the date range by clicking Edit Report Settings at the top of the report. A new window will pop up and you can enter a start and end date in the respective textboxes.

Customize the pre-built report by clicking the Customize button near the top-right of your window, and select Customize from the picklist. Now you can add or remove columns.

Other time-related reports are located directly beneath this summary one. Hover over the ‘i’ icon to learn about the report before you generate it. You can also customize these reports, by editing the date range or adding or removing columns.

Check out additional reports near the bottom of your Resource Center window, under the header All Reports. This is where you can generate reports on resource allocation. Some of the reports from the four tiles at the top of your Report Center window also appear in this section.

The next time you’re rushing to find the status of your projects, billable staff hours, or resource allocation details by week or month, among a host of other topics, take a look at your Report Center to see the reports at your disposal.