How Do I Update to Lacerte Tax 2017?

  • Jan 16,2018
Tax season is creeping up once again. If you’re a BigTime user with a Lacerte integration, it’s time to update to Lacerte Tax 2017. Lacerte offers a step-by-step instruction If you haven’t gotten started yet. If you have, let’s dive in! We’ll explain how to download the latest BigTime TaxLink update and why. Read on to learn more.

How to update BigTime for Lacerte Tax 2017

If you have a previous version of TaxLink installed for Lacerte, follow the steps below to get the latest version of TaxLink.  
  1. Click to My Company…Integrations, from the navigation bar in BigTime. Then select the Lacerte tile.  
  2. Click Download TaxLink. This will launch a TaxLinkSetup.msi file. It might appear at the bottom of your browser or your Downloads folder on your machine. Locate it, and click Run to complete the installation. This will overwrite your current version of TaxLink.  
  3. When TaxLink starts, it will prompt you to configure the new Lacerte Tax tax year automatically.
  4. When you’re done making changes in Lacerte Tax 2016, update the tax year to 2017 in your BigTime Lacerte Integration settings. In BigTime, go to Workflow … Engagement Dashboard… click the gear icon next to the words TaxLink: Active.  
  5. Then select the current/active tax year from the picklist, then hit save.  
You’re ready to go! All your 2017 tax data will flow into bigtime, just as 2016 did last year.

Why Update?

It’s not surprising that systems work better when they’re updated. You update your smartphone to keep it running properly, and you should do the same with Lacerte. Doing so can help prevent slowdowns and can improve productivity during the busy tax season ahead. In this article, Lacerte offers specific system recommendations for the best results.

Stay Up-to-Date

For future updates, use Lacerte’s Update Scheduler to download Lacerte Tax 2017 updates automatically. Schedule a time and date for it to scan for updates, or enable the Update Scheduler to continuously run and periodically check for them. Either way, once downloaded, you’ll be notified to install the updates when you open Lacerte next. Alternatively, you can use Lacerte’s Update Notification setting (Options…Setup tab). It notifies you of Lacerte Tax 2017 updates, but they won’t be automatically downloaded. You, the user, initiate the download.

BigTime and Lacerte Integration

If you haven’t integrated BigTime with Lacerte, what are you waiting for?! Easily integrate Lacerte Tax 2017 and BigTime with our synchronization application called TaxLink. We’ll sync your tax data automatically. Now you can assign and track staff assignments, manage and edit return statuses, and group and filter engagements from a single dashboard in BigTime. Below are several articles that can help you get started:
  • Lacerte Integration 101. Get detailed information on how the BigTime and Lacerte integration works. You’ll also learn how to view Lacerte data in BigTime.
  • Install Taxlink. Get step-by-step instruction for downloading and installing Taxlink.
  • Manage Lacerte Integration Settings. After integrating with Lacerte and installing TaxLink, you’re ready to manage your settings.
If you have questions, please contact your sales representative or email us at [email protected].